Udwarthan – Ayurveda’s Secret to Weight Loss

Move Over Body Sculpting Machines…It’s Time for this Ancient Method to Shine Again!

Dramatic results! After just one Udwarthan session, this young woman lost 12 pounds, lost cellulite and became more toned in her chest, stomach and thighs. Her BMI went from 30.5 to 28!

I am so excited to share an ancient practice with you all! It’s called Udwarthan (or udwarthanam). Yet another amazing gift from Ayurveda! Ayurveda is a gift that keeps on giving ?.

Udwarthan is an old (as time!) therapeutic modality designed by ancient seers of Ayurveda to help with weight loss, cellulite removal, etc. all by using side effect free, all-natural, herbal ingredients. Now, Trinergy is excited to bring this ancient practice to you!

But…why do we gain weight and why is it so difficult to lose?

In summary, I look at these 5 root causes:

The common pathway for these root causes is through inflammation. In fact, Ayurveda asserts that the weight gain and fat deposit is a protective mechanism, shielding the organism from the accumulating toxins. Recent studies attest to this ancient observation with their findings that most of today’s obesity in can be attributed to the pesticide content in food rather than to the fat or calorie content! (references 1, 2)

At Trinergy, we look at all these underlying root causes and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to address all the above.

But what do you do when there are subcutaneous (under the skin) fat deposits that stubbornly refuse to melt away despite having addressed many of the above root causes?

This was the case with this charming, nice young lady who I was working with (see above image). She was superbly compliant with my diet recommendations, exercise was something she loved and she was compliant with the herbal and supplement regimen that we had started her on. She was feeling better in many ways in terms of her overall health, but her weight was not budging very much. We figured she needed additional help to mobilize that stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits. And lo and behold!

After just one session of Udwarthanam – her weight started to melt away. See the difference for yourself in these before and after pics.

But most importantly, unlike the machines that can also mobilize the subcutaneous fat and help with weight loss, Udwarthan is the only technique which will do so in addition to removing cellulite, and without causing unsightly skin wrinkling and creasing. This is because of the technique and ingredients that are used here.

What can I expect from an Udwarthan treatment?

Udwarthan starts off with a personalized herbal oil massage followed by deep tissue massage using dry powders. The specific “rub” technique creates friction and heat allowing the herbs in the body to be absorbed through the skin where they directly act to break down fat cells in cellulite and the subcutaneous fat tissue, then mobilize these fat deposits; which is then absorbed into the lymphatic system to be processed and excreted eventually. The herbs in the powder also tone the skin tissue from within, enhancing its elasticity thus preventing wrinkling and crease formation.

This one treatment is effective for weight loss, cellulite removal and skin tightening and toning. Additional benefits are:

During this covid pandemic, unfortunately we are seeing an increase in sedentary habits, over consumption of polluted processed food which is leading to more obesity – the so call “quarantine 15”. Which sadly leads to reduced immunity in fighting infections like covid 19. Now, is the time to get back on to your health and weight loss goals. We are here to help!

Trinergy is now offering this service in series of 6, 9 and 12 sessions. Call us at (262) 955-6600 or contact us to find out more and about applicable discounts!


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