At Trinergy, it is our mission to provide complete mind-body wellness to our clients. With this goal in mind, we would like to be your one-stop shop for all things health and wellness; where you will find all that you need to become healthy and vital again. We are proud to carry high quality, therapeutic grade, nutritional supplements. Dr. Aruna has personally scoured the market to bring you the best supplements that are available today. These supplements have been vetted for their potency, purity, grade, cost and therapeutic efficacy.

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Dr. Aruna has spent hours speaking to various manufacturers and based on her research, she has now chosen to sell Ortho-Molecular Products for nutritional supplements. Granted there are many other supplement brands available that are equally good. But Dr. Aruna may not be able to provide her 2 cents about them as she has not fully evaluated them.


Dr. Aruna has spent countless hours researching the manufacturer practices, their authenticity, etc. to bring the best available products for her clients’ benefit. Hence, Trinergy only sells Ayurvedic formulations from the following three companies:

  • Kottakkal
  • Banyan Botanicals
  • VPK by Maharishi

These companies follow traditional, authentic Ayurvedic formulations and practices; including paying attention to farming practices for the herbs.

Banyan Botanicals and VPK by Maharishi are certified organic. Kottakkal is not organic certified, but is a 110-year-old company in India that has followed organic practices even before the term “organic” became what it is today. Dr. Aruna has visited Kottakkal’s herb farms, herb collection agency – where local tribals living in the tropical forests of Kerala (a southern state in India) collect the herbs from the forests and bring them to this agency (it does not get more organic than this!), and their manufacturing unit in Kerala. 

The authenticity of this company is why Kottakkal is still the leader of Ayurveda in India – with not only its manufacturing unit, but also an Ayurvedic teaching institute, inpatient Ayurvedic hospital – where the wait list is at least 3 months long and visitors from all over the world go here for treatment of their chronic illnesses.

Contact us for pricing. We always follow MSRP. When you buy these products at Trinergy, you save by not paying for shipping.

Occasionally, we may recommend additional supplements made by companies not listed here. In such an instance, you are welcome to buy them on your own or we are happy to special order them for you.


We’ve partnered with Nutrafol to develop a direct-to-door fulfillment program that will allow you to purchase your hair growth supplements online and have them delivered to your home.

Nutrafol is a nutrient-herb formulation that is specifically designed to restore hair growth, hair thickness and luster; using evidence based, natural ingredients. Dr. Aruna and Vaidya Pandey have both recommended this formulation for their clients with great results. However, in using their knowledge of Ayurveda, the doctors have found that this supplement needs to be tailored (in terms of dosage, duration, etc.) for individual patients’ Doshic balance or imbalance. With this fine tuning, our clients are having fewer side effects and enhanced response to the formulation.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem when nutritional supplements or Ayurvedic herbs are used in the Western hemisphere. For example, Curcumin (Turmeric) is being recommended for everyone with depression or arthritis. Ayurvedic practice is always about matching the energetic imbalance in the person with the herb whose energetic composition corrects the imbalance.

Hence, please consult with either of the doctors to figure out the exact method of taking this formulation, or even if this is the right formulation for your hair problems.

Those who are prescribed can make use of this direct-to-door fulfillment program to continue their treatment uninterrupted.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions about Nutrafol, your hair health, or the program.


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