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If you are wondering where to buy herbs, look no further. For over 20 years, Banyan Botanicals has been committed to providing the best organic herbs on the market. Choose from almost 70 different bulk herbs, all cultivated and produced with the highest standards of eco-stewardship, fair trade and sustainability. All herbs must pass the highest level of certification before given the organic stamp of approval. Herbs in their natural form is the most traditional way to take them; however, for convenience and lifestyle choices, many of these herbs can be found in tablets or liquid extracts.


Perhaps the one meal quintessential to the Ayurvedic kitchen is Ayurvedic kitchari, also known as kitchadi. It is part of a sattvic (balancing) diet and the main staple in a kitchari cleanse. Kitchari is a kind of soup made with legumes and rice, and often with seasonal vegetables. It is also one of the main staples in Indian cooking. Why kitchari? Lentils and rice, or dal and rice, together are considered a complete protein. Paired, they are also high in fiber and help to promote stable blood sugar levels. Kitchari is easily digested which is why it is a vital component to an Ayurvedic cleanse.

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