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Our vaidya’s excellent diagnostic and therapeutic skills have helped patients with a variety of ailments, including digestive issues, fibromyalgia, arthritis, allergies, skin problems, infertility, mental disorders and autoimmunity.

Ayurvedic consultation is offered for reversal of chronic disease as well as for health and wellness maintenance. During your consultation with our experienced Ayurvedic doctor we will evaluate your state of health or illness through a process of open dialog, focused questions, and clinical interview. A customized treatment program is then devised for you, which may include diet/lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic medicines, lab tests, nutritional supplements, specific Ayurvedic body therapies; all designed to get you back into a state of health and balance. Follow up visits on a monthly basis are recommended to help you achieve your wellness goals. Initial consultation visit are either 60 min or 90 min appointments. Follow up visits are either 30 or 60 min appointments.

~ The Original Abhyanga ~

We are the only Ayurvedic spa in Wisconsin to offer Abhyanga massage with Marma stimulation included – the original Abhyanga – the way it is offered in India! Marma stimulation unblocks the energy channels and allows “Prana” (life force) to flow freely, releases tension and promotes healing.


Senior Citizens & Veterans receive a 10% discount on all services.

Call 262-955-6600 to book your appointment or click below to schedule online.


During your consultation with our experienced Ayurvedic Vaidya, we will evaluate your state of health or illness through a process of open dialog, focused questions, physical exam and a reading of your pulse. A customized treatment program is devised which may include diet/lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic medicines, or specific Ayurvedic therapies, all designed to get you back into a state of health and balance.


Our signature facial starts with a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin. Then organic herbal oils are gently massaged into the face and its contours to enhance smoothness, suppleness, increase blood circulation and moisturize the skin. Then, the facial “Marma” points (specific energy points) are stimulated to energize them and to unblock them. All this will leave one feeling relaxed and with glowing skin. Finally, an organic herbal face pack is applied to tone the skin – giving you an instant face lift! This service can be enhanced with Kansa wand massage. Kansa is a special type of healing metal consisting of copper and tin that has been used for centuries to enhance health and strength, increase energy and support general well-being and longevity. The nature of this metal is to draw out excess “Pitta” or inflammation. When the Kansa wand is used on the face, it removes local inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and also removes the ravages of the elements! You can expect a quality service with the purest and cleanest (organic) ingredients.


Shirodhara is a highly relaxing and therapeutic procedure from Ayurveda! It is useful for a variety of conditions ranging from stress relief to anxiety, insomnia, migraines, etc. This Ayurvedic treatment is one of the fastest growing spa trends. The treatment begins with a gentle massage of the head, face and neck regions with marma stimulation. This will lull you into a gentle relaxed state. Then Shirodhara begins – a steady flow of warm oil is gently poured rhythmically over the forehead in the area of the Ajna chakra, or the third eye center of intuition. Awaken your own inner wisdom and intuition through this luxurious treatment. Extensive health benefits include calming and balancing the mind, emotions, endocrine and nervous system. Enjoy improved sleep, higher cognition, renewed energy and reduction of anxiety and depression.


Thailadhara is Shirodhara with herbal oil decoction. The treatment begins with a gentle massage of the head, face and neck regions with marma stimulation. This will lull you into a gentle relaxed state. Then Thailadhara begins – a steady flow of warm herbal oil decoction is gently poured rhythmically over the forehead in the area of the Ajna chakra or the third eye center of intuition. Awaken your own inner wisdom and intuition through this luxurious treatment. Extensive health benefits include calming and balancing the mind, emotions, endocrine and nervous system. Enjoy improved sleep, higher cognition, renewed energy and reduction of anxiety and depression.

Thailadhara is very useful for pacifying Vata imbalance and so can help reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc.

This service is offered for 40 minutes with 5 minutes reserved for changing before and after the service.


Abhyanga – or “snehana” a term that means “love” or “oil” indicating the deep significance of love with this massage. It is our signature spa massage treatment with warm oil infused with specialized herbs for your dosha. Unblock energy channels and reduce stress and tension to increase your pranic life force energy. This spa treatment stimulates and energizes marma points in the body to increase health and well-being. Additional health benefits include cleansing the lymph system and removal of toxins leaving the body invigorated, balanced, rejuvenated and cleansed. Combine with a hot steam sauna treatment to further enhance the benefits of the personalized oils and toxin release.


Enjoy the original way Abhyanga has been offered for centuries! Two experienced massage therapists provide synchronized, tandem therapy of the whole body using our signature organic herbal oils. Twice all of the benefits of abhyanga without twice the price!
For an additional $20, enhance this service with 10 min herbal steam sauna (Swedana) for a complete detox and rejuvenation experience. Member receive 20% discount for this service everytime!


Kizhi therapy is very useful to alleviate pain in the joints, muscles etc. First we prep the injured body part with gentle herbal oil massage and marma stimulation. Then, a cotton poultice is prepared and filled with herbal powder. This powder is made specifically for your needs, so the herbs used will depend on the underlying condition for which this treatment is recommended. This poultice is then warmed and applied to the body part needing treatment.
This Ayurvedic treatment opens up the dermal pores and brings in medicinal heat to the muscles and joints, inducing pain relief and relaxation. This treatment can be added on to an Abhyanga massage. This service is only offered as a treatment under the guidance of our Vaidya and first requires an Ayurvedic consultation.


If you are experiencing back or neck pain, this therapy is designed to relax, restore and rejuvenate, using a technique of massage, marma stimulation and if needed, local application of herbal poultice or a dough dam filled with herbal oils.


Hands and feet have the highest density of nerve endings. Not a surprise then that they also are teeming with marma points. Stimulation of these points not only induces a sense of calm but also has a powerful impact on the health and function of various internal organs and systems. Your health is literally at your finger tips. May include local application of herbal poultice if indicated


Udwarthanam therapy is designed for weight loss, cellulite removal and for toning skin and muscles. An Ayurvedic therapy – Udwarthanam – is offered with a combination of herbal powders or herbal pastes that are rubbed into the skin in a special way to strengthen muscles and tighten loose skin. Apart from cleansing and nourishing the skin, this process tones the muscles and reduces fat by improving the metabolism of the muscles and adipose tissues. A natural side benefit of repeated sessions is the disappearance of cellulite.

A minimum 12-15 sessions in a series are recommended for the removal of cellulite. This session includes Abhyanga massage followed by a steam sauna. Then comes the actual Udwarthanam therapy with freshly made organic herbal powders.


This treatment includes a gentle warm herbal oil massage of the head and neck regions with marma stimulation to induce profound relaxation. This is followed by application of freshly prepared herbal henna paste to the hair and scalp. Herbal henna paste acts as a conditioner, nourishing the hair and hair follicles, to transform your hair into a crowning glory. It also is a natural dye for graying hair or to naturally highlight your hair with a reddish brown tinge, that makes your hair glow in the sunlight!


Reduce premature graying or balding, lesson hair fall, reduce thinning of hair and improve overall hair quality, thickness and luster. It can also help improve certain scalp/skin problems such as dandruff, dryness, etc. Our Hair & Scalp therapy starts with Shiro Abhyanga (massage treatment of the head, face and neck regions with dosha specific herbal oil), followed by Shirodhara (herbal oil/decoction drip therapy on the forehead).


Beautiful and intricate design with Herbal Henna paste. The fragrance of this paste is reputed to soothe the nerves and calm tensions.


This intense detoxifying treatment involves many aspects of cleansing and removing toxins from the body to bring yourself to a new state of health. This healing treatment has exceptional expansive benefits to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Improve skin luster, enjoy enhanced immunity and overall healing in various systems of the body. Provided under the guidance of our Vaidya, Ayurvedic doctor to assist you on your journey.


This whole body massage is a variation of our signature Abhyanga. It focusses on the marma points that enhance health during pregnancy. The massage improves blood circulation to the womb and nourishes the body. Reduces anxiety and promotes sleep. Consult with our Vaidya regarding herbal and nutritional supplements to safely and effectively support you through your pregnancy and help nourish your bundle of joy!


Another variation of our signature Abhyanga. The focus here is to stimulate the marma points that help regain elasticity, firmness and tone your skin and muscles. Helps the body and mind gradually return to pre-pregnancy state of health. A minimum of seven sessions are recommended, starting at least a week after normal delivery. Marma stimulation can help with nursing abilities. Consult with our Vaidya regarding herbal and nutritional supplements to safely and effectively support you through your post delivery phase and help nourish you. Enhance your experience by adding on a detoxifying sauna for an additional $20.


New therapeutic services are now offered at Trinergy Ayurveda!

These services are always offered under the guidance of Vaidya Pandey and after a consultation with her. These services become one aspect of a comprehensive multi-pronged approach to relieve you of your illness. And, as always, we will use all-natural, chemical free, mostly organic, authentic Ayurvedic medicines in these therapies. Many of these medicines are freshly prepared/formulated on the day of the service by our Vaidya Pandey.

Netra Tharpan: Eye rejuvenation therapy.

Karna Pooran: Ear cleansing and rejuvenation therapy.

Nasya: Nasal application of medicinal oil to help sinus disorders including allergies.

Kati Vasti: Low back therapy for back pain, sciatica, disc prolapse, etc.

Please consult with our staff regarding what is the best therapy for you and your investment in them.


Look your loveliest, most radiant self on your BIG day! Ayurveda talks about beauty from within and offers natural, safe ways to enhance the natural beauty and luster of your skin, hair; for weight loss and removing cellulite.

In today’s world, the root cause of many beauty problems is inflammation, stress and toxins, which in turn cause an internal imbalance. Our Ayurvedic Bridal Packages address the root cause to deliver internal and external detoxification, providing you with long lasting true and absolute beauty. Making you glow from within!

Our packages are not just for brides! Grooms can also look their best! Receive 5% off a second package for the groom.

3 Months Pre-Wedding
One Ayurveda wellness consultation
8 Udwarthanam sessions
6 Abhyanga with herbal steam massages
6 Shirodhara sessions with Shiro-Abhyanga
6 organic Marma & Kansa wand facials
$3500 ($500 savings)

2 Months Pre-Wedding
One Ayurveda wellness consultation
6 Udwarthanam sessions
4 Abhyanga with herbal steam massages
4 Shirodhara sessions with Shiro-Abhyanga
4 organic Marma & Kansa wand facials
$2545 ($300 savings)

1 Month Pre-Wedding
4 Udwarthanam sessions
2 Shirodhara sessions with Shiro-Abhyanga
3 organic Marma & Kansa wand facials
$1220 ($150 savings)

Call (262) 955-6600 to Book your Ayurveda Spa Appointment or Consultation
Prior to scheduling an appointment, please view our cancellation/late policy


“My experience at your center with the doctor was wonderful from the beginning to the end! My concerns were addressed, individually and holistically, and my session was created for my specific needs. I greatly appreciate Dr. Pandey’s skills, abilities and expertise with Ayurvedic therapy. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. I am deeply grateful!”
Julie A.
“Love the facial using natural ingredients here. The highlight of the facial is the massage on the face and neck, which is soooo relaxing. Highly recommend – 30 mins facial here will make a world of difference.”
Seetha I.
“I’m in my mid 60’s and wanted to improve my health. I tried a massage and steam room and was very impressed. I left feeling great. I did the detox program next and go every month for a massage treatment. My health appears to me more energetic and I feel great. I would highly recommend giving them a try.”
Nancy I.
“My daughter was suffering from Ocular Migraines for more than 2 years. We tried Western medicine with no success. We heard about Trinergy through our friend and decided to give it a try. The doctor diagnosed the migraines as a result of inflammatory issues in the digestive track. She suggested some dietary changes alongside herbal supplements. In 3 months, we have seen tremendous improvements in my daughter’s health as the migraines have stopped. We appreciate the dedication and sincerity of Dr. Pandey. Thank you.”
“I’ve been coming to the spa for over 8 months. I enjoy the people and benefits from the treatments. The trigger points fix my problems. The steam chamber is also very good. You’re treated with minerals and vitamins to treat your body. Your skin is glowing after your treatment. I would highly recommend the service.”
Nancy C.
“I have received a great deal of alternative health treatments, and am very healthy in general. However, a few issues were causing significant complications, and other treatment methods were not improving them enough or fast enough, if at all. I am absolutely AMAZED that Ayurveda has significantly, if not completely, improved those issues! After so many years and attempts to heal them, I did not even know if it was possible. Thank you!”
Thomas B.
“I love Santhigram Wellness. Upon travelling abroad I came back with a severe digestion problem and was having a hard time eating…I lost a lot of weight and was ill. I had been to 3 different medical doctors and none of the “medicines” I was provided worked. The first day I returned home I knew I needed Ayurveda for my treatment. I came and met with the doctor and she put me on a detox diet before I started my treatments. I started taking the therapy and noticed a huge improvement in my digestive system immediately. Upon improving I continued to see the doctor for a curvature of my spine. Other doctors had told me they have no idea what causes it and that it is impossible to fix without a rod and surgery. After a few weeks of treatment my spine has straightened out and I am facing no pain as I did earlier. I would recommend Ayurveda and Santhigram to anyone that is looking to heal…Especially if you believe you have tried all your resources and options, just know that Ayurveda is a holistic and balanced approach to the body and you may be able to find your healing here!”
Brittany D.
“I was recently diagnosed with MS; and after doing a little reading I discovered that ayurvedic doctors do a treatment called a panchakarma (essentially a de-tox.) There were several options in the Midwest, and I am so thankful that I ended up at Santhigram. Some ayurvedic practices are run by “practitioners” (as opposed to ayurvedic doctors who train in India for over five years.) Santhigram offers the real deal. The doctor has years of experience in diagnosing patients and treating them; and within a couple days of my consult (and following her dietary suggestions), I started to feel better. After the actual panchakarma treatments, my fever of 6 MONTHS finally went away; and I had more energy than I’d had in a long time. My nerve pain has been greatly reduced as well. So grateful I found this place at this time in my life. Thank you!
Adelle P.


Cancellation/No Show Policy:

Your appointments are very important to all Trinergy Ayurveda staff. Time allocated for your service is reserved especially for you. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. Therefore, for spa services (massage, facial etc), we request at least 24 hours’ notice (excluding Sunday, Monday and holidays when we are closed) for adjustments to your appointments and cancellations.

For customized Ayurvedic therapies (Vasti, Udvarthan, nasya, Shirodhara, henna treatment for hair, etc), we request at least 48 hours’ notice (excluding Sunday, Monday and holidays when we are closed) as our preparations for your therapy starts a few days prior.

Clients are responsible for the full charge of the service with any violation of this policy or for a no-show. Please consult with our Ayurveda doctor to know whether your service is a spa service or a therapeutic service.

For Panchakarma therapy, we require 3-day’s non-refundable service fee ($465.00) at the time of scheduling your sessions.

For proper enforcement of this policy, we request either full payment at the time of scheduling an appointment; or a valid credit card information to be put on file. Please note that the credit card will be charged 24 to 48 hours before your appointment time.

For same day appointments (or if there is less than 48 hours’ time between scheduling and the appointment), payment in full is required at the time of scheduling.

Late Arrival Policy:

If you are going to be late for your appointment, we are still required to end your session at the scheduled time, so as to not inconvenience our other clients. Unfortunately, this may mean that your session may be shorter than usual.

Bounced Check Policy:

Trinergy Ayurveda accepts checks for its services. Please be advised that in case of a bounced check; we will be charging an additional $35 to the price of the service, to offset bank charges for the bounced check.


Clients availing our services acknowledge the fact that Trinergy Ayurveda offers only general ayurvedic wellness therapies and even though it is reported to be beneficial for alleviating a number of disease conditions; our consultations, recommendations and therapies are not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating illness.

Trinergy Ayurveda does not claim that our therapies will cure or diminish any specific disease and our therapies are not a replacement for medical care provided by a licensed primary care physician. Clients may continue to seek the advice of their primary care doctor and any specialists they have consulted and should not modify or suspend their medical treatment unless advised by their medical doctors. The Ayurvedic professionals providing the Ayurveda consultation and therapies in Trinergy Ayurvedic Centers do not assume responsibility for treating any of the health problems of the clients and that responsibility rests solely with their primary care physician.

Discount Policy:

Please note that special offers may not be combined. All discounts and coupons will apply to regular, walk-in rates. Unless expressly stated on the discount offer, discounts may never be combined with member or new customer rates.
Refund for Appointments
Appointments cancelled in line with our cancellation policy are eligible for refund minus a 6% CC processing fee. We understand that schedule changes sometimes are needed and so we encourage our clients to consider re-scheduling rather than canceling their appointments.

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