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Not so pretty!

Not so pretty!

This is a must watch documentary on HBO Max about the toxins in our everyday cosmetics and body care products.

If you are looking to watch a ‘horror’ movie (like my teenager), I suggest that you watch, “Not so pretty” ;), a documentary movie on HBO max (

Jokes aside, I highly recommend that everyone, especially young boys and girls (preteens and upwards), watch this documentary on HBO Max.

As I have written in my (soon to be published) book, Psychiatry 2.0, the only three root causes of any illness (including mental illness) are: bad diet, trauma/stress (especially early life trauma/stress) and toxins. These three root causes trigger inflammation and/or degeneration. These damaging processes can affect any organ system in the body. In a given person, what organ or system is affected depends on prior injury or genetic predisposition. Essentially, these are the stages of disease formation as espoused in Ayurveda (world’s oldest, continuously practised medical tradition that is making a resurgence in India and worldwide, due to its timeless wisdom and quantum physics based understanding of the human body, the world and all of it’s creation).

Of these three root causes, let’s look at toxins. Our modern world has become increasingly polluted and toxic. We are exposed to more than 80,000 chemicals today that did not exist prior to world war II. Sadly, many chemicals used in our modern life find their origin as war chemicals designed for world war II. After the war ended, these chemicals were repurposed for use in other sectors. Agricultural chemicals like pesticides, others such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, artificial food like chemicals, preservatives, chemical cosmetics, etc; can all be linked to either these world war II chemicals or to petrochemicals.

These chemicals do not degrade easily in our bodies or in the environment; they are fat soluble and can travel everywhere within our bodies, including into our central nervous system. They have various effects on our organ systems – many of them mimic effects of our own hormones and other bio-molecules made within our bodies. Thus, we have estrogenic chemicals and androgenic chemicals. Besides the obvious endocrine problems they can cause, such as: acne, menstrual irregularities, infertility (male and female), low sperm count, depression, cancers, etc; I wonder if they are also responsible for the explosion of gender dysphoria that we are seeing in our youth today. I think we should explore such a causative link.

An indirect effect of these toxins is their ability to trigger our immune system. For some reason, many of these toxins are able to bind to our body’s proteins. Which, then, alters how our proteins appear to our immune cells. This can fool our immune system into thinking that our own protein is a foreign protein and so mount an immune response. This hypothesis can explain the explosion of chronic inflammation, including auto-immunity, that we are seeing today. According to studies, there has been a steady increase in rates of auto-immune diseases over the last 3-4 decades, especially affecting our youth (

There could be yet untold mechanisms by which these toxins are affecting our health. Besides through modern food (frankenfood), we are absorbing toxins through our skin in the form of cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, soaps, body lotions, talc, etc. Hence, this documentary is timely, highly educational, and presented in a manner that is clear and easy to understand ( a tad bit dramatic at times 😉 ).

Let’s educate our young ones so they are able to make choices in alignment with their wellbeing.

Good news is that we can minimize our exposure and also enhance our detoxification. For those interested in a deep dive into the topic of toxins and their effects on our health and wellbeing, check out these blog articles on my website:


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