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COVID-19: The Functional Medicine Solution for “Long Haulers”

COVID-19: The Functional Medicine Solution for “Long Haulers”

“Long haulers.”

This is a term used to describe people with long lasting post-covid symptoms. These people suffer from many varied symptoms – fatigue being a common one. But it seems to affect many different systems in the body.

What is it and how do we fix it?

Unfortunately, traditional medicine has no answer for this as it is looking at downstream effects and all it can come up with is symptomatic treatment which will become less effective over time.

But Ayurveda and Functional medicine have the answer because, with this approach, we are looking at “upstream causes of dysfunction and disease.”

As Dr. Bland explains in this video, there are 4 steps. In reality, these are the 4 steps that we at Trinergy implement for the majority of our patient’s with psychiatric and chronic diseases. Because we find immune system damage and inflammation as the most common root causes masquerading as various chronic diseases.

These 4 steps are:

1. Gastrointestinal restoration (the 4R protocol – remove, replace, repair and reinoculate).

2. Hepatic detoxification. Enhance removal of toxins and waste byproducts through sweat, urine and feces. Hence “Abhyanga” is an integral aspect of our health protocols. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage with herbal oils followed by herbal steam sauna. It is designed to enhance lymphatic circulation, and enhance detoxification through sweating in the steam sauna.

3. Mitochondrial resuscitation – through diet, detoxification and specific nutrients.

4. Immuno rejuvenation. Especially, this concept of rejuvenation, is not there in traditional medicine.

But it is very much a core aspect of Ayurveda. In fact, one of the sub disciplines of Ayurveda is “Rasayana Shastra.” Which pertains to rejuvenation of every organ system in the our mind-body units. As I was listening to Dr. Bland, I was remembering all that I have read and understood about Panchakarma therapy – one of the foremost cleansing, regenerating and rejuvenation therapies we offer at Trinergy.

With Panchakarma, we have helped people with many different chronic medical and psychiatric conditions find healing and vitality again.

Stay tuned for our upcoming promotions about Panchakarma and make use of this authentic service we have to offer you!

Meanwhile, please watch this video of Dr. Bland as he explains the 4 steps to restore vitality after covid 19.

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