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Tom’s Testimonial: “I feel better than I have in 20 years!”

Tom’s Testimonial: “I feel better than I have in 20 years!”

I’m excited to share Tom’s remarkable journey using our root cause approach. Tom first came to see us in August 2020, and I am amazed by the significant progress he’s made in just 10 months.

When I met Tom, he was suffering from a combination of different (and perhaps seemingly unrelated) symptoms. He had anxiety, shortness of breath, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, blurred vision, knee pain and intense after-dinner food cravings. He was taking Lorazepam for his anxiety, antacids for his acid reflux and a high dose of thyroid medication (Synthroid).

According to Tom,

“I was frustrated because I just wasn’t feeling good. I had anxiety and difficulty breathing. My nervous system seemed to always be on fire. I was dealing with cloudy thinking, and I’d often get dizzy and short of breath. But I had been to a number of doctors over the course of many years and all my test results were great. There was no reason to feel crappy but I did. I was at my wits end.”

Using a combination of Functional Medicine, Ayurveda and holistic psychiatry, we found that Tom’s primary problem was inflammation. That inflammation started in his gut, spread throughout his body, and manifested in a variety of different symptoms.

Working together, we guided Tom through a series of improvements to find better health. He changed his diet significantly by removing gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar, processed foods, and other inflammatory foods. He started taking beneficial supplements and eventually completed a 7-day Panchakarma (PK) program, an ancient Ayurvedic detox program designed to reset every physiological system in the body. PK cleanses the body of accumulated toxins, restores digestive fire and can even help activate our own innate healing processes in order to encourage the reversal of many chronic diseases.

“Recently you recommended Panchakarma to help get rid of toxins. While I was hesitant at first, I’m really happy I did it. It made a huge change in the way I felt. I probably feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years!”

After making these changes, Tom experienced many remarkable improvements. He was able to get off the Lorazepam and the antacids and his diverse set of symptoms began disappearing. His knee pain decreased, he started sleeping better and was feeling refreshed and revived. This renewed energy allowed Tom to start exercising and be more active. His intense after-dinner cravings also vanished and his blood work showed a remarkable improvement in his cholesterol levels and thyroid functioning. Incredibly, he was even able to reduce Synthroid dose, a thyroid medicine he had been taking at an increasing rate for the last 40+ years. He is literally reversing the chronic disease process!

Our goal in sharing this video is to spread awareness about holistic mental and physical wellness. We all have the power within ourselves to heal and become healthy.

At Trinergy, we offer a path to self-empowerment through self-awareness. Once you accept and love yourself, it’s easy to do the things that are good for you! But it takes work. We are here to guide and help you on your journey.

If you are ready for this kind of medicine, contact us today.

“Our focus is not about symptom suppression; it’s about getting to the root of the problem. In Tom’s case, the root cause was primarily inflammation. It was amazing to me that his inflammation manifested in so many different ways. The symptom cluster he presented was very unique, but ultimately it was the same root cause of inflammation.” – Dr. Aruna Tummala

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