If you thought, covid brain is a long haul syndrome that some patients experience in the aftermath of a covid infection, characterized by myriad neuro-psychiatric symptoms, let me enlighten you, my dear reader…

Covid brain actually is a syndrome that began very early on in the pandemic. I began to notice it as early as March 2020.

Who is affected, you ask? Interestingly, this syndrome appears to affect ONLY medical and some media professionals. Especially, those with power like in the field of public health, hospital administrators, presidents of various medical organizations, TV personalities, and oh some really wealthy billionaires without medical degrees (who became even more wealthy with the lockdowns and the windfall from vaccines).

Curiously, the bigger their microphone, the worse was their disease.

What are the symptoms? A very curious abandonment of logic and reasoning that worked well until well…March 2020. This syndrome mainly affected their thinking and reasoning abilities. So, those afflicted by this disease all believed in the same falsehoods and were grossly “misinformed” 😉 or “delusional”???

What are the delusions (aka firmly held erroneous beliefs) held by these covid brain patients? Here’s just a few of the symptoms I could think of. This is an evolving situation and new symotoms seem to be cropping up with passing time. for eg: these same individuals seem to be experiencing amnesia for those times, their attitudes, their decisions which affected millions of lives. God save them! so, onto some of the symptoms:

• Computer generated mortality projections are just as good as real life on-the-ground data from various studies. In case of conflict between the two, then ignore real life data and remain fearful based on computer generated models. Afterall, what do on-the-ground researchers like Stanford’s Dr Jay Bhattacharya, or epidemeologists like Dr Martin Kuldroff or Dr Sunetra Gupta know about how fast covid is spreading and how deadly it is.

• Adaptive immunity alone will save humanity from covid – only covid antibodies save people. What is innate immunity? some mucus trapping bugs – that’s just sticky gooey nonsense. Remember, else you will die. No antibodies = definitely reinfection. no antibodies = no immunity. No antibodies = death.

• If you get covid, there is nothing you can do except pray you will not get too sick and need to be hospitalized. Once there, ventilators will be the only option. They seem to be killing people but…Vitamin D, or Vitamin C – that’s just supplement companies selling snake oil.

• Covid is way deadly and dangerous than any other virus. you can lose your sense of smell and taste, it can cause chronic fatigue for many months. We have never seen anything like it before! Wow!!! Silly me… I thought Dr Jeffrey Bland (founder of Functional Medicine) worked extensively on post viral chronic fatigue syndromes in the 1990’s. I have treated post viral anosmia in the past but I may be mistaken.

• Covid is so deadly and virulent, even asymptomatic people who carry the virus will spread the disease – first ever in history of medicine. In the past, in any infection, if a person was asymptomatic, it meant their immune system was able to suppress the bug. They may carry the bug in their system but not high enough load to be infectious. But Covid, my God! is dangerous! It does not follow established science of immunity. Be afraid of other people…you don’t know who is going to kill you by simply standing close to you. oh, btw, that incompetent WHO physician (Dr Maria Van Kerkhove) who announced in June 2020 in a press conference that contact tracing studies from around the world showed that asymptomatic people do not spread the disease – she is so dumb! who cares about studies from literally everywhere?…Thank God for Dr Fauci. He came on TV the next day and made it clear she was wrong and dumb Dr Kerkhove had to backtrack a day after that. Hooray to Fauci and his power! So what if he did not have studies to back his claim. He does not need studies to prove his point. He is the science himself! did you not know that?

• Testing asymptomatic people – again first ever in history of medicine.

• Fear based decision making led to lockdowns – but science tells us lockdowns are never effective. oh shut up, you and your fake science?

• And then, the vaccines – as the only way out. Thank God for oh so generous Pfizer and Moderna and Astra Zeneca and all the big Pharma Demi Gods. They saved the way…only that we found these vaccines caused menstrual problems, clots, sudden deaths, myocarditis, flare up of cancers (new and old), flare up of auto-immunity, heart rhythm problems…I know, but poor Pfizer, it’s not their fault. They did all they could – safety studies and all, yet these horrendous side effects never showed up! really, then why was the control arm abandoned after just 2 months? For a novel technology and first time ever use in humans, 2 months of safety studies is enough???

• Vaccine mandates: take the vaccine or else you will kill grandma. But the vaccines do not spread transmission? shut up and roll up your sleeve. Did you not hear Fauci, Biden, and your favorite Marvel hero tell you that is the only way to save others? but here (, Janine Small, Pfizer executive is saying here they never did “prevent transmission” studies because of the pandemic and they were “operating at the speed of science.” hmm…science has velocity???

• Mandates are necessary because natural immunity is a hoax. You silly goose…even if you have recovered from covid infection, you are still at risk of getting and dying from covid. so roll your sleeve up or lose your job or you are not allowed to my wedding or ball game or concert or restaurant.

• A complete disruption of life as we know it – school/business shut down. Complete lack of socializing. so what? keep those dirty, snotty kids away from my kid growing up in a microbe free bubble. She will sail through her entire life happily this way…who needs microbes to train their immune system…

but, but… this year in 2022, we are seeing non-seasonal and more severe common childhood infections (like RSV) and young kids succumbing to innocuous infections like Group A streptococcal infection (UK recently reported 6 deaths in children under the age of 5 :(. and experts are now saying it is because lockdowns did not allow our children to train their immune systems to learn to co-exist with these bugs? humbug, I say…

• Masking – it’s good. keeps the snot in. Our body knows nothing. When we cough or sneeze, we need to inhale our precious body waste back…what do you say? studies show no benefit to masking anyone, especially kids under age 5, that at best it protects the mask wearer some but not the others, that WHO did not recommend masking kids as it may interfere with their language development…oh stop it! remember the world is one. Let’s all become Chinese, do what the Chinese are doing and wear masks and stay in lockdowns. All in one, one in all…uh? I think you are not getting the meaning of this ancient spiritual wisdom…tralalalalalalalalllllaaaa…..

Needless to say, my “BSM” (aka bull-shit meter) was ringing non-stop. Was yours?

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