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Psychiatry Without Pills

Psychiatry Without Pills

What do I mean by “psychiatry without pills”? To answer this, we must first understand mainstream psychiatry’s current approach and the problems associated with it.

For the last 60+ years, the main theory for the causation and treatment of mental illness has been the chemical imbalance theory. Based on that theory, conventional psychiatrists use a slew of psychopharmaceuticals to reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

But the theory of chemical imbalance has never actually been proven! I argue that our basic understanding about the cause of mental illness is faulty.

Moreover, the medications we use are based on this faulty theory. They do not help people get better in the long-term, they do not address the root cause of mental illness, and they come with a long list of side effects that have not been studied for long-term use (especially in children).

In my journey first as a mainstream psychiatrist, I thought this was the only way I could help my patients. But I started questioning everything I had learned. I dove deeper. I discovered nutrition, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and Ayurveda.

I learned that mental illness is not caused by a chemical imbalance! In reality, it’s an imbalance in our entire mind-body system. It typically involves our nervous system, gastrointestinal system, immune system, hormonal system and our genes.

Reclaiming your mental wellbeing is easier than you’ve been led to believe. If you are ready to reduce your reliance on psychiatric medicines and reclaim health, harmony and vitality, call us at 262 955 6600 to find out more or to schedule your discovery call.

I have helped countless patient’s transform their health and their lives. If you are ready to get to the root of your problems and heal naturally, call us at 262 955 6600 to find out more or to schedule your discovery call.

Because of the rising rates of mental distress we are experiencing today, especially our children and youth; my mission for this year is to make this information common knowledge so our children are not shoved down the path of meds and instead are given a real chance to heal themselves from the inside out. Please like, follow and share my online profiles far and wide. Let’s defeat mental illness today!

If you want to understand, what all is wrong with mainstream psychiatry, please read this article I wrote on Substack. Please read, follow and share with your network.

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