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Online School Poses New Challenges for Students with ADHD

Online School Poses New Challenges for Students with ADHD

Dr. Tummala Featured on News 3 Now

We are all living through unprecedented historical times, surrounded by stressors: the pandemic, politics, the economy, etc. We are literally engulfed in stress. The only option we have is to accept life as-is. Take that moment (as Viktor Frankl has described) between the event and our reaction; and respond thoughtfully and mindfully.

Unfortunately, our children are also feeling the effects. As cases of coronavirus increase in Wisconsin, more and more schools are moving to a virtual format. Online school presents its own set of challenges, such as increased screen time, fewer social interactions, less physical activity, and more distractions. Especially for students with ADD and ADHD, who often struggle with staying focused and keeping their attention on one task at a time.

Sadly, at Trinergy Health, we are already seeing an uptick in child anxiety following the pandemic.

“We are talking about children whose personalities are developing; they are constantly changing. They are absorbing all of the stress that we are experiencing as a collective.” – Dr. Aruna Tummala

So what can we do about it? Dr. Tummala advises parents to give up some of the ideals that they may have for their children, and to give themselves and their kids permission to not perform all the time. She also recommends trying to stay on a regular schedule and to incorporate free time and activities for kids.

According to Dr. Tummala, there are also many successful holistic approaches for treating ADHD. These treatments include:

  • Increasing nutrient density in food
  • Avoiding processed and artificial “franken foods”
  • Taking some targeted nutritional supplements
  • Play-bonding time with each other – the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced Hooga)
  • Keeping the sleep-wake schedule as consistent as possible
  • Incorporating physical activity time into your daily schedule

If you would like to learn more about integrative, holistic treatments for ADHD or ADD, please contact us today.

“Let’s be compassionate with ourselves and one another. Let us lower our expectations from oneself and others in our lives. The only thing to work on is to be hopeful. There is always light at the end of any dark tunnel. Dawn has to break the darkness of the night. And, we will be there to witness it!” – Dr. Aruna Tummala

Check out the News 3 Now Video and Article Here

Watch now: Dr. Tummala featured on News 3 Now


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