New Testimonial: I Knew We Could Cure Here Using Ayurveda & Functional Medicine

After 7 psychiatrists, 2 hospitalizations and countless medication trials, all this young lady experienced was hopelessness. She was told she had Schizophrenia (which would never get better), and that she would have to be on meds her entire life (that caused her to gain 60 pounds and barely function as a mother and wife).

In an act of pure courage, defiance, and a crazy hope that there was a better way for her to regain her health; she stopped her meds, lost weight and set out to search for a “different” psychiatrist…it was then that she found me!

One look at her and I saw how inflamed she was – severe Rosacea was staring right at everyone that could care enough to look deeper into the root causes of her suffering. The first interview, in which we discussed her whole life (not just “what are your symptoms?”), made it clear to me that she was actually suffering from severe OCD, but she could lose touch with reality when her anxiety was intense. Indeed, she did have periodic episodes of “psychoses” that were triggered by her intense anxiety.

Is that schizophrenia???

I knew we could cure her using Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. We worked together for a year. As always, we implemented “food as medicine” first, Ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle practices to remove inflammation and help with detox and nutritional supplements to replenish her with nutrients. Within a month, she was showing signs of improvement in every system in her body – reduced anxiety and OCD, reduced rosacea, weight loss, etc.

I thought she would need to be referred to ERP (exposure and response prevention therapy) for her OCD. Instead, I recommended alpha-stim (cranial electrical stimulation device) and within only one week she noticed significant reduction in her OCD, depression and insomnia.

Her lab work showed severe inflammation and also Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, for which we began specific treatment.

A year later now, she is recovered from almost all her health issues – her rosacea is almost gone with no acne or pustules now and only a minimal amount of redness in her cheeks. She has learned to care of herself – mind, body and soul. She will continue on this journey for eternity with an occasional check in from me if needed.

She has re-discovered her love for writing and has ignited a spark in me as well!

I have been mulling over the idea of writing a book for a long time now. I have used all the excuses in my book so far ?. But after our last meeting and a set agenda given to me by this lovely young lady, I got myself onto it and I have written the intro chapter and another chapter! Let’s see where this leads us to…

I would welcome ideas for what the title can be. The book is about integrative approaches to mental wellness, a bit about functional medicine and Ayurveda, and there will be some practical guidelines that patients can implement for themselves.

And now, here is her lovely testimonial:

“Dear Dr. Tummala, 

Exactly a year ago on April 28, 2020, I met with you. Words cannot fully express my gratitude and joy upon meeting you. You truly were an answer to hours of reading, way too many people who were clueless with what was wrong with me. 

It is amazing – your dedication, research and overall holistic approach to healing the whole person! I think a book with clients’ stories (almost a before and after of healing) should be published! I have joked, I am a writer, could I embark on this beautiful adventure? 

I have realized you have made me realize and try every day to be the best version of myself, thank you again for taking a chance and allowing us to flourish in a holistic way!”

Wishing you the best in health and life,
– Dr. Aruna Tummala

If you or your loved ones are struggling with mental illness or any chronic illness; whether or not you have tried mainstream medicine unsuccessfully, contact us to schedule an appointment.”

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