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Introducing Trisha’s Cooking Blog!

Introducing Trisha’s Cooking Blog!

This pic was taken on the day of my engagement, back in January 2003. The little mischievous imp sitting next to me in this picture is my niece by marriage, Trisha. As soon as we were introduced that day, we fell in love with each other. ?

Barely 3 years old, she made her affection for me evident right from the beginning! How could I resist such a sweet bundle of joy and mischief! Over the years, I have watched her blossom into a thoughtful, kind, very creative, compassionate young woman – in short – an amazing young lady!

Now, in college, she is also an accomplished Chef – and she learned it all by trial and error at home. When she began to experience some minor health issues (acne, anyone?); she turned to me, her Aunt, for advice and has since embraced a functional medicine approach in her lifestyle.

And she has taken it much farther than I can do or even imagine.

So, naturally, I suggested she start a cooking blog with her amazing dishes that are Functional Medicine friendly and therefore, perfect for our patrons. While I had been posting some recipes of my own with hastily put together pictures, you will see why I turned to her. Her attention to artistic detail, simplicity of instructions and the very professional-looking pictures (she is the one who creates all this), is a treat to watch and be inspired.

I hope that you will follow Trisha’s cooking blog and be inspired as you journey with us towards your health and wellness!

Trisha’s new cooking blog can be found right on the Trinergy Health website. It is being launched with the following oh-so-delicious recipes for bone broth/soup.

Bone broth is foundational for gut healing and with this recipe, you will discover that healthy foods are also very tasty! Enjoy!

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Meet Trisha

Trisha’s Bone Broth/Soup Recipes:

Bone Broth/Soup: Telangana bokkala rasam/chaaru

Bone Broth/Soup: Easy

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