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I am a Psychiatrist who Doesn’t Take Insurance

I am a Psychiatrist who Doesn’t Take Insurance

I am a psychiatrist who only takes cash only payments. This article by a fellow physician really resonated with me.

I fully agree with his reasons and would like to add an additional reason for why I do not take insurance:

Innovation & Better Patient Outcomes

Within the medical-industrial complex, I could not think outside the box. There was no room for innovation or creative thinking – even if it meant better patient outcomes. Because, if you did something outside the box, even if the patient responded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, one could not get paid if the insurance reviewer thought they did not have to pay you. It is a tangled web that is woven. I was suffocated. My colleagues felt suffocated. Patients caught in this web felt suffocated. Who was thriving then? I will let you fill in the blanks…

Since opening Trinergy Center for Integrative Psychiatry in 2016; we have helped many patients with their mental and physical health problems; working with each individual patient and offering them a patient-centered, personalized, treatment program that works for just that individual patient.

Because now, I am answering only one master – the patient in front of me. But, unfortunately, the physician in a traditional system is answering 3 masters – the hospital administration, the insurance executive and the patient. And guess who is calling the shots?

I am a much better physician and healer now, because I spend the time to look for root causes, and take time to educate my patients about lifestyle changes. Ultimately, healing is not achieved by popping a pill (or a dozen pills) every day. It is achieved by carefully, consistently investing in healthful behaviors, in the medium of the therapeutic relationship.

If this is the approach you are interested in, call us at (262) 955-6600.

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