Holiday Weight Gain Reversed!

Have you gained a lot of weight after the holidays?

We have a solution! Lose weight and restore your natural state of health.

Happy New Year! So, the holidays are officially over… The Christmas tree and decorations are all in their boxes – maybe some lights are still outside – a good idea to cheer the neighbors and drivers going by during these next few cold weeks. At work or when you meet people, the most common question is:

“Any resolutions for 2021?”

You look at your inbox and it is now flooded with deals for gym memberships, weight loss programs, etc.

This makes you take a hard look at yourself…you may be thinking about losing weight, getting back on the health track, improving your lifestyle – these are the most common resolutions every year. But many people do not find success in reaching them or in sticking to them. Such intentions need to become permanent (or flexibly permanent) lifestyle changes.

We want to do better…but we do not know how. The “science” out there is utterly confusing. But the most disappointing thing is the lack of results…which can make us give up easily.

Thankfully, there is a solution. But first, let’s stop the regrets and guilt over “indulging” during the holidays. Blame it on the season, blame it on the culture, blame on the hijacking of our kitchens by food companies…but do not blame yourself. Blame leads to guilt and guilt to paralysis of action.

Instead, evaluate what your behaviors were dispassionately, accept and fully acknowledge your choices that may have led to weight gain (and brain fog, low energy, etc.). Do it with compassion so you can move forward.

Then, implement your new plan one step at a time. It always helps to do this with a buddy, and preferably work with a clinician, a knowledgeable guide – someone who understands the science and provide you the right recommendations.

At Trinergy, we have a holistic understanding of the problem of weight gain – it’s not just will power. A lot of it has to do with the chemistry between the food and your brain/body. Using Ayurveda and Functional Medicine, we have come up with these programs to ensure your success with weight loss and becoming healthier; but we can also show you how to make these changes permanent. Learn the science and art of balancing yourself and your life!

And now, let’s take a look at the two solutions available at Trinery.

1. Udwarthanam

Before and after Udwarthanam

Before and after Udwarthanam

Here is our first program – Udwarthanam. This is the most sought-after therapeutic program in our clinic. Udwarthanam is a 90 min treatment session which includes:

According to Ayurveda, An increase in Kapha Dosha (likely caused by improper diet and accumulation of toxins) causes accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Udwarthanam results in lipolysis and thus has a Kapha reducing effect.

The procedure starts with a warm herbal oil massage to open the skin pores and soften the muscles and tissues. Massage is followed by herbal steam to cause sweating and elimination of toxins. Then, a customized herbal powder (specific for your skin type and Dosha balance – this requires a prior consultation with our Vaidya) is rubbed into the skin in the opposite direction of hair follicles to create a powerful friction and heat which in turn helps with fat metabolism in the subcutaneous tissue. Learn more about this therapy and one client’s remarkable weight loss success in our article, Udwarthan, Ayurveda’s Secret to Weight Loss.

Benefits of Udwarthanam

Ideal protocol: A minimum of 6 weekly Udwarthanam sessions. Although clients begin to see benefits within 2-3 sessions.

UDWARTHANAM OFFER – Choose from 3 Options at $100, $75 or $50 Off!

Offer valid until February 28, 2021. Call us at (262) 955-6600 for more information.

What to Eat?

During Udwarthanam treatments, it is ideal to be on a gut friendly diet which will enhance your digestive fire and metabolic rate, which will in turn help with losing weight. During your consultation, our Vaidya will guide your regarding ideal diet regimen as well.

2. Panchakarma Cleanse

Panchakarma for weight loss and optimal health

This is the second program we offer. Panchakarma is one of the best weight loss programs along with many parallel benefits as well. It helps with weight loss by eliminating the toxins with four cleansing procedures and a strict diet. Panchakarma can restore one’s natural state of health and wellness by cleansing the body of toxins, restoring digestive fire, bringing balance within and improving bodily functions. More details can be found in our recent article, Panchakarma for Physical and Mental Wellbeing.

Panchakarma is a 90 min intense detoxification program which should be undertaken continuously for 7 days. It includes:

According to Ayurveda, our wellbeing relies on our ability to completely process all aspects of life (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual); absorbing and assimilating what nourishes and supports us; whilst continuously and efficiently disposing of the rest.

When we are unable to properly digest our food, experiences, feelings, etc; toxins gradually aggregate in our bodily tissues, causing imbalance and eventually making you sick. Modern science, especially trauma science clearly shows this concept in play. Trauma experiences are stored in the body and remain there until released through such techniques and through therapy.

Ancient seers of India devised Panchakarma as an excellent purging procedure that releases such stored toxins and re-establishes the body’s natural healing ability.

Benefits of Panchakarma

A consultation with our Vaidya is required prior to starting this program, to assess your Dosha and for personalizing the diet and other recommendations. A follow up consultation is offered at the end of the program.


Offer valid until February 28, 2021. Call us at (262) 955-6600 for more information.

What to Eat During Panchakarma?

Because Panchakarma is an intense detoxification program, it is recommended to start a detox diet prior to the Panchakarma cleanse. It starts with functional medicine elimination diet for at least 4 weeks before starting the cleanse and then switching to the kitchari diet 3 days before the Panchakarma sessions begin. WITHOUT DIET, PANCHAKARMA CLEANSE IS FUTILE!

Client Reviews

“Dr. Aruna has been a blessing to me. I loved her holistic and strategic approach in treating my problems. She has a knack to find the root cause of the issue and not just treat the symptoms. As part of the treatment I enjoyed the panchakarma treatment. It not only helped me to cleanse my body but also helped me to loose some of weight, and I vouch the weight I lost during the process has never come back. I am extremely grateful for having been able to take her guidance in getting back to life.”

“I started seeing Dr. Tummala for bipolar disorder and severe debilitating fatigue. I had an abdomen that looked like I was 7 months pregnant. After being on her and Dr. Pandey’s allergen diet and taking the herbs, teas, and supplements my abdomen disappeared. I also was very confused with halting speech and poor memory. Dr. Tummala said this was due to elevated homocysteine from toxicity. It cleared dramatically when I stopped nail parlors and bathing/cleaning products. I also completed a Panchakarma to detox, which made me loose 15 lbs. This was six weeks months ago and I haven’t gaining back a pound since. Osteopenia test showed a partial reversal. Labs showed a vitamin c level that was dangerously low which was one reason for my severe fatigue. The allergens also caused me severe fatigue. My depression has lifted and my energy level has greatly improved. These doctors are not only knowledgeable but are also passionate about ending suffering. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

To Dr Tummala and Dr Pandey, I thank you again for restoring my health.”

“I was recently diagnosed with MS; and after doing a little reading I discovered that ayurvedic doctors do a treatment called a panchakarma (essentially a de-tox.) There were several options in the Midwest, and I am so thankful that I ended up at Santhigram. Some ayurvedic practices are run by “practitioners” (as opposed to ayurvedic doctors who train in India for over five years.) Santhigram offers the real deal. Sunita has years of experience in diagnosing patients and treating them; and within a couple days of my consult (and following her dietary suggestions), I started to feel better. After the actual panchakarma treatments, my fever of 6 MONTHS finally went away; and I had more energy than I’d had in a long time. My nerve pain has been greatly reduced as well. So grateful I found this place at this time in my life. Thank you, Sunita!”

“Over the past few months (possibly the covid effect), I had gained some weight. Enough for me to get concerned about it. From my research I saw that I needed to lose 30 to 35 lbs. My research led me to Ayurveda and Trinergy Ayurveda spa. I met with Dr Sunita for an evaluation and began the diet and exercise changes right away. Then she recommended Panchakarma, which is like a cleanse program. She explained that this cleanse will remove toxins from my body that are contributing to weight gain. Apparently, the pesticides and the toxins in our body care products can cause inflammation and weight gain. I have had to make some changes even with regard to my body care products. But I am happy to say all this has paid off.

With Pancharkarma (and preceding diet/exercise changes), I lost 15 lbs. After PK, I decided to start Udwarthanam per Dr Sunita’s recommendation. Especially for those areas which are difficult to lose weight from (my problem areas were the love handles). I am not sure what I was expecting but I am simply amazed. After just one session, I have lost 3 lbs and I look trimmer. I know I will need some new pants and shirts now. Can’t wait to complete the full set of treatments now!

Highly recommend these treatments for anyone looking to get healthier and lose weight. Sham (my therapist) did an amazing job with the massage as well as udwarthan sessions. Dr Sunita is very knowledgeable and I feel she has guided me very well in this health journey of mine.”

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