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Bridal Radiance with Trinergy Ayurveda

Bridal Radiance with Trinergy Ayurveda

Look your loveliest, most radiant self on your BIG day!

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You are getting married in 2021 or beyond?! Yay! Our congratulations and warm wishes to you and your soulmate.

Trinergy Ayurveda is now offering Ayurvedic bridal packages to help you look your loveliest, most radiant self on your special day. Ayurveda talks about beauty from within and offers natural, safe ways to enhance the natural beauty and luster of your skin, hair; for weight loss and removing cellulite. And now, these secrets known to Ancient India are yours to make use of on your wedding day.

In today’s world, the root cause of many beauty problems is inflammation, stress and toxins, which in turn causes an internal imbalance. Our Ayurvedic Bridal Packages address the root cause of stress, inflammation and toxins to deliver lasting true and absolute beauty. Making you glow from within!

These packages include an Ayurvedic wellness consultation, Udwarthan sessions, Abhyanga with steam sauna sessions, Shirodhara sessions and Marma facials. The packages differ in the number of these sessions and the duration of the packages. Depending on the time to your wedding and the package you choose, we will customize the timing of these packages so you get the most benefit out of them.

  • Ayurvedic wellness consultation. This consultation with our Vaidya will help you understand your Doshas, your state of balance/imbalance and formulate a personalized cosmetic plan for you.
  • Udwarthanam. A dry rub powder whole body massage designed to exfoliate your skin leaving it silky smooth, removing blemishes, reducing cellulite, removing unwanted hair, removing unwanted subcutaneous fat, enhancing lymphatic drainage, etc.
  • Abhyanga massage with steam sauna. Our signature herbal oil massage with steam sauna will help you to feel refreshed and relaxed. It will cleanse your lymph system to remove toxins and rejuvenate your entire body.
  • Shirodhara. A continuous dripping of oil or medicated decoction over the forehead designed to induce profound relaxation and enlivening of innate intuition. Shiro-Abhyanga is a head massage with personalized oil to boost hair growth and create a relaxed mind.
  • Marma and Kansa wand facial. This organic Ayurvedic facial helps to enhance smoothness, suppleness, increase blood circulation and moisturize the skin. The Kansa wand is used to remove inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, giving you an instant, natural face lift!

Our packages are not just for brides! Grooms can also look their best! Receive 5% off a second package for the groom.


One Ayurveda wellness consultation
8 Udwarthanam sessions
6 Abhyanga with herbal steam massages
6 Shirodhara sessions with Shiro-Abhyanga
6 organic Marma & Kansa wand facials
$3500 ($500 savings)


One Ayurveda wellness consultation
6 Udwarthanam sessions
4 Abhyanga with herbal steam massages
4 Shirodhara sessions with Shiro-Abhyanga
4 organic Marma & Kansa wand facials
$2545 ($300 savings)


4 Udwarthanam sessions
2 Shirodhara sessions with Shiro-Abhyanga
3 organic Marma & Kansa wand facials
$1220 ($150 savings)

Call 262-955-6600 for more information or to start scheduling your bridal services.

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