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A Dream Come True – Trinergy Community Garden Drive

A Dream Come True – Trinergy Community Garden Drive

When I first started Trinergy, I wanted it to be a place where our community can come together – all of us souls finding kinship, oneness, togetherness, sisterhood, brotherhood, “tribehood,” etc. here.

To this end, our organic herb and vegetable garden was a way to bring our community together, encourage clean eating and foster a special relationship with our food and our generous Mother Earth.

The bounty of this garden was always for our Trinergy community and for whoever walks into this space. The garden gates are never locked. You do not need permission to go in there…you can go there even when the office/spa is closed. There are a few benches under the tree and if you want to spend time there in silence and contemplation, feel free to do so.

Every year, Avan (my husband, friend, guide, philosopher ?, the one with the green thumb ?) takes over the responsibility of planting and tending to the garden. With me and my children being his trusted (albeit sometimes reluctant) minions. ?

But this year we all got very busy and could not do very much with the garden. To our pleasant surprise, we saw many plants come back on their own – lettuce, tomatoes, lots and lots of mint (unfortunately!), lemon balm, arugula, etc. Mother Earth’s generosity keeps on giving.

But, we just let it go this year. Enter Shari to the rescue!

Shari is a wonderful, amazing, talented gardener. She wants to give back to our community by working on the garden. I am ever so grateful to her for this.

This year, we will work on bringing order to this garden, but will focus on getting it ready for next year. But is not a task for one person. It is a community effort and we need your help!

Hence, we are starting a sign up sheet and asking for volunteers to donate their time and energy to our garden. Shari will come up with a schedule and we will post it on our website. Just call and have your name entered on the sign up sheet. We will get together, tend to the garden per Shari’s instructions, connect with one another and with Mother Earth – Her soil, Her plants; have some homemade mint lemonade or popsicles to cool off.

Who is with me on this???

Wishing You The Best in Health and Life,
Dr. Aruna Tummala

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