“I’ve gone through a fair amount of psychiatrists over the last 3 years, and I would say that in my short time with Dr. Tummala she has shown to be the most intelligent psychiatrist I’ve had and, clearly, the most caring. She spends a lot of time with you, and the way she combines medicinal approaches and diet therapy and supplements is very effective.”

- A.H.

“We are so fortunate to have this kind of healthcare in Milwaukee. Dr. Tummala is very knowledgeable and truly cares about helping people get better. Her approach of integrating new advancements in medicine with the whole-person-practices of Ayurveda is so much more helpful than a conventional western medicine alone approach.”


“Over the course of 25 years I have tried almost every med there is for depression and anxiety. The side effects overall were worse than the diagnosis. I was out of conventional treatment options. I was given Dr. Tummala’s name. Genetic testing proved the presence of muted genes. I was given prescribed amounts of B,D, fish oil, methyl folate, Ayurevedic supplements, gut and body detox treatments. I feel better each day! God sent!!”


I met with Dr. Tummala for the first time last week. As we talked through my myriad of symptoms, she was attentive, understanding, and informative. Her approach to mental health is influenced both through her medical degree, and her belief in holistic healing. I appreciated the time she spent on this initial visit and especially that she immediately began a treatment plan, ordering several blood tests and recommending changes to my diet. I feel that I’m in good hands working with Dr. Tummala.”


“Dr. Tummala sees the whole person and not just a diagnosis. She approaches treatment as a collaborative process and is excellent at her profession. I feel she is light years ahead of where medicine is heading.”


“Dr Tummala is my son’s Psychiatrist and he couldn’t be in better hands. He lives with Schizophrenia and has improved under Dr Tummala’s exceptional care. Prior to her care he felt like he was not heard or listened to and just handed a prescription. He really believes in Dr Tummala because she actually cares about his health, his future and has a vision/plan for better health for him. She treats the entire person, physiologically and emotionally. She is exceptional by all standards.”


“Dr. Tummala’s approach to behavioral health is holistic and integrative. It is much more than the classic psychotherapy/medication model–and is supported by unbiased, up-to-date literature and studies on the conditions she treats. Dr. Tummala is warm and accessible. She responds right away to patient or family member concerns, questions, and ideas. She welcomes family support and (with the patient’s permission) involvement in the treatment plan.”


“I was excited and curious about Dr. Tummala’s holistic approach to psychiatry. When she first introduced the elimination cleanse I was extremely apprehensive. I will admit this was the hardest thing I’ve done; but now that I’m through the 100 days and reintroduced foods, I feel better then ever. This is the longest time I’ve gone in ten years without a panic attack. Every appointment is a learning experience and I’m elated to be on this journey. Dr. Tummala is truly an inspiration.”


“Dr. Tummala is not only the best mental health professional I have ever worked with, but she is the finest health care provider in general I have ever worked with. Her professionalism and passion for her practice is outstanding. I have a lot of experience with counselors and psychiatrists and the healing of I have done under her care is remarkable and truly changing my life after a plethora of false diagnoses and bad experiences that were truly damaging to my life. Very highly recommended!!”


“So thankful that Dr. Tummala has this type of practice in the Milwaukee area. She is truly the most compassionate psychiatrist I have ever worked with and actually listens to you. She is currently assisting me in safely tapering off medication, which has been a long term goal of mine. Her extensive education in both eastern and western medicine makes her one of a kind! Feeling so great to finally be healing instead of suppressing symptoms!”


Dr. Aruna has been a blessing to me. I loved her holistic and strategic approach in treating my problems. She has a knack to find the root cause of the issue and not just treat the symptoms. As part of the treatment I enjoyed the panchakarma treatment. It not only helped me to cleanse my body but also helped me to loose some of weight, and I vouch the weight I lost during the process has never come back. I am extremely grateful for having been able to take her guidance in getting back to life.”


“Dr. Tummala has been a wonderful part of a multidisciplinary team approach to assist a family member with chronic health challenges. Dr. Tummala looks for the underlying causes for illness and ways to bring a patient back into balance, while at the same time treating symptoms responsibly to avoid creating more imbalance. She shares her knowledge and experience while recognizing that each person is unique and includes the patient in creating an individual wellness plan. Dr. Tummala truly cares about the patient and their family and has been very responsive and supportive in times of crisis for our family. Thank you!”


“Dr. Tummala has helped me through a very difficult part of my life. I was in physical and emotional chaos, and she helped guide me through a detox which gave me both a physical, psychological, and emotional reset. I am happier and more peoductive than I have ever been. I feel very blessed to with Dr. Tummala and I would recommend her with the highest regard.”


“Exceptional. By far the best mental health care professional I have ever worked with. Very highly recommended.”


“Dr. Tummala is one of the most genuine intelligent human beings I have ever met. I have never felt so positive and optimistic then I did after leaving her office.”


“Dr. Tummala! Where do I even begin? For the first time in 10 years I have hope that I can live a happy existence, as my “best self”. I have been in the Western medicine “psych system” as a patient for over 33 years. I have seen countless Dr’s, and therapists in Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York City. I was diagnosed with depression, A.D.D., bi-polar, suffered from severe panic attacks & PTSD. I would self medicate to dangerous levels at times. I’ve been on and off all of the go to drugs – Prozac, Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvance,Trazadone, Colonopin, Xanax, Wellbutrin, Seroquel, Citalopram, and Paxil . . . Nothing really worked. I had extreme mood swings and aggression from the stimulants. The other drugs left me feeling tired, lethargic, foggy, not happy, not present. I did not feel like myself. I have experienced many happy years throughout my life, I knew I could be well, and I knew conventional treatment wasn’t working. I would express this to my psych and they would often suggest adding a med or tweaking the dosage. This never helped. I have been hearing about Integrative & Functional medicine for a few years, however, until now, there were no Dr’s practicing, until Dr. Tummala! She’s helping me change my life, i’ve never felt better, and I have so much hope knowing I can live a healthy life! Bottom line, as of now, my “mental illness” is gone, after a painful 10 years of being in “partial remission”. Additionally, Dr. Tummala is wonderful to work with. She is genuinely passionate about what she is doing, and you can tell. I have been able to be completely open and honest with her, and she has been patient, receptive, compassionate, and funny! This is all completely new to me, so naturally, I have a lot of questions. She has answers! I can call her anytime, and if she doesn’t answer, she will personally call me back before the end of the day. I’ve never had any Dr. be so attentive! I can’t strongly recommend her enough to anyone suffering from mental illness and i’m so excited to be her patient as she guides me on my journey!”


“I imagine you don’t often meet with your patients often once they’re living their healthiest lives. I want you to know that, although we met only three times, you have had an impact on my physical and mental well-being that will, literally, live on with me for the rest of my life. I can’t put my gratitude into these short words. I appreciate not only the healing wisdom that you shared with me, but your genuine presence that you gave to me when we talked. You saw a deeper version of me than anyone had, possibly, ever. The elimination diet and supplements you’ve recommended put me in touch with my body’s needs and helped to greatly decrease the inflammation I was experiencing. My daily life became easier and more fulfilling. I can now notice when my gut is “leaky” and when something doesn’t sit well with my body. But, to be honest, those changes, as life-altering as they’ve been, can’t compare to the one catalyst statement that you made, which went something like, “You were never recognized for the most difficult undertaking of your life, and I wonder if now, you’re afraid to take such a risk again.” That conversation was exactly what I needed to see clearly as a pattern of self-doubt and depreciation that had consumed my personal and professional lives. Since that day in early January, I’ve had exponentially more confidence and expectations for myself and those around me. I no longer see myself as a worker bee, responsible for everyone around me. I applied to and got into grad school. I’m moving to Boulder, CO on August 1st to begin my next chapter of healing and becoming a healer. That you, sincerely and immensely for the care you showed me and the work you do daily.”


“I began seeing Dr. Tummala about six months ago. I was excited and curious about her holistic approach to psychiatry. When she first introduced the elimination cleanse I was extremely apprehensive. “You want me to not eat cheese?” I remember saying. When I first began I was becoming depressed about the foods I couldn’t eat and from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep, all I thought about was food. I remember having a conversation with my father who said, “hey you’ve tried everything else and this cleanse isn’t going to kill you.” From that point forward I decided he was right. I chose to see a holistic psychiatrist, I elected to try this new way of managing my panic disorder. I will admit this was the hardest thing I’ve done; but now that I’m through the 100 days and reintroduced foods, I feel better then ever. I am on a regimen of vitamins and natural supplements and will be tapering off my medication. This is the longest time I’ve gone in ten years without a panic attack. We still have a lot of work to do, however every appointment is a learning experience and I’m elated to be on this journey. Dr. Tummala is truly an inspiration.”


“Dr Aruna Tummala has truly been a blessing in our family’s lives. She is caring and gentle and believes in whole body health for mental illness. Our daughter was diagnosed with mental illness in college and was initially prescribed heavy duty medications by a psychiatrist. Our son was also diagnosed with mental illness, which was multiplied by alcohol & drug addictions. he was prescribed heavy duty medications by several different psychiatrists. When we met Dr Aruna Tummala and she talked about the importance of gut health and inflammation in the body affecting the brain and taking a look at the root cause of an illness we knew we were in good hands. Our daughter followed Dr Tummala’s advise, diet plan, vitamins and supplements exactly right away and has been living a normal life with no signs of mental illness for 2.5 years now. Our son’s path has has been a little harder because of the addiction. Dr Tummala has been very loving, understanding, and supportive to our son. He is now making giant strides toward a path of health because he is following her advise. Dr Tummala is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with mental illness and addiction.”


“I’m SO thankful I found Dr. Tummala and Vaidya Sunita Pandey! I stumbled on Trinergy’s website while doing a internet search for “Integrative Psychiatry”, as I was looking for a provider to help me taper off several anti-depressant medications. I’ve been seeing Dr. Tummala and Sunita for four months, and I’ve never been more hopeful about my future!

A few years back my General Practitioner prescribed a SSRI and Wellbutrin to treat anxiety and ADHD. While the medication initially eased my symptoms, a whole host of new symptoms emerged. I gained 40 pounds in about two years, was extremely sluggish and “foggy” and just didn’t feel like myself. I tried tapering off the SSRI with the help of my GP. I started to lose weight, but within a few months I developed terrible anxiety and insomnia, so I went back on the SSRI. My anxiety symptoms eased, but I gained more weight and still couldn’t sleep.

Tapering off the SSRI in the care of Dr. Tummala and Sunita has been an entirely different experience. Dr. Tummala dug into my personal history, my genetics and symptoms to find the root cause of my distress and created a manageable plan of action. My treatment is now a combination of lifestyle changes, ayurvedic treatments and personalized supplements. Since implementing these changes, I’ve lost weight, started sleeping through the night, have more energy and rediscovered my love of exercising. And, as bonus, a few things that I always accepted as “normal” have resolved too! I no longer have what I thought were seasonal allergies, my skin is clearer than ever, and my hair feels thicker and more lustrous.

I feel empowered and no longer a “victim” of a faulty chemical imbalance in my brain. I now know that the solution to my ailments is bringing my mind, body and spirit back into balance. I feel a bit like Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz when Glinda the good witch tells her “you always had the power, you just had to learn it for yourself”. I cannot praise Trinergy, Dr. Tummala and Vaidya Pandey enough!”


“She was AMAZING in finding out what I needed help with and treating me!”


“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have finally found a doctor that understands how to get to the ROOT of health issues, both physical and mental. Under Dr. Tummala’s care my anxiety, OCD, asthma and chronic pain have improved by 75% in just 5 months. Prior to that, I was at a crossroads with my health. I had a decision to make- either go down the road that I had been down many times before with no success; of being misdiagnosed and over medicated or to seek a new approach. I decided to try something new and it has been life-changing. Dr. Tummala and her staff are EXCEPTIONAL. They treat the root cause of many mental illnesses which is also the root cause of many other health issues-inflammation. Dr. Tummala also considers other factors in her Integrative approach including genetics and hormones. She always strives to educate her patients as well, giving them the tools to succeed in their health journey. I would trust her with the care of every single person I love!”


“If you’re looking for help but do not want to be loaded with prescriptions this is the place to go. Prescriptions are toxic and not good for your body, heal it the natural way. Love the calmness and serenity when you walk in.”


“I have been working with Dr. Tummala for about a year and a half and I am very grateful and happy with the care, support and healing that has occurred. Dr. Tummala is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. With Dr. Tummala’s help, I have learned to manage stress and depression without drugs. I have more energy and a brighter outlook on life. I feel in control of my life now thanks to the professionals at Trinergy.”


“Dr. Tummala is an excellent doctor who is looking at the human body holistically. Before I start seeing Dr. Tummala I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and was frustrated. Dr. Tummala followed a natural treatment with diet and supplements and I feel like myself again! My anxiety levels are significantly down and I have more energy to do the things I love! Thank you Dr. Tummala!”


“This doctor is looking at you holistically and is not conventional in her treatment methods. I love that she looks deeper within you and is trying to find the root causes to your imbalances to find natural cures to the symptoms. I have been a patient of hers for 3 months and my health is for sure on a straight path towards being optimal. The only drawback is that my insurance is not covering this type of treatment. Hence it is with my budget quite expensive. But I must make this a priority in my health restoration. Hopefully in 1 year I am off all my meds and not in need to see Dr Tummala on a monthly basis. If you are open to do a lot of work yourself with major changes in your diet and lifestyle Dr Tummala should be your choice of medical care provider. I sincerely believe I made the right choice to see her and follow her strict and explicit guidelines. This requires that you, me – the patient cooperates and do a LOT of changes in your behaviors and actions.”


“Dr. Tummala has been amazing in helping my wife. She suffered from migraines for years and doctors just prescribed pills with limited to no effect. The medications caused other health problems. Through her treatment, the migraines are almost gone and she is now making progress through other health issues.”


“My physical and mental health are both much improved since working with Dr. Tummala. I really feel like I’m getting to the root of my imbalances instead of simply treating symptoms.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Tummala for about 6 months, and her treatment options are far better than what I’ve experienced with other psychiatrists. In the past, doctors have been so quick to prescribe medicines. This holistic approach is so much better, and I’ve seen other benefits – more energy, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Tummala!”


“Dr. Tummala is the first psychiatrist to make any headway with my son who has struggled mightily with traditional medication. She sees him as a whole person, not simply a label, and this has helped my child see himself in a different light. Unlike other doctors who were quick to prescribe pills, Dr. Tummala takes the time to connect with my child and our family and provide sound medical advice steeped in the latest science. We are all healthier and happier under her guidance.”


“I started seeing Dr. Tummala for bipolar disorder and severe debilitating fatigue. I had an abdomen that looked like I was 7 months pregnant. After being on her and Dr. Pandey’s allergen diet and taking the herbs, teas, and supplements my abdomen disappeared. I also was very confused with halting speech and poor memory. Dr. Tummala said this was due to elevated homocysteine from toxicity. It cleared dramatically when I stopped nail parlors and bathing/cleaning products. I also completed a Panchakarma to detox, which made me loose 15 lbs. This was six weeks months ago and I haven’t gaining back a pound since. Osteopenia test showed a partial reversal. Labs showed a vitamin c level that was dangerously low which was one reason for my severe fatigue. The allergens also caused me severe fatigue. My depression has lifted and my energy level has greatly improved. These doctors are not only knowledgeable but are also passionate about ending suffering. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

To Dr Tummala and Dr Pandey, I thank you again for restoring my health.”


“I have been living with what other doctors have described as “major depressive disorder,” and have tried talk therapy, RX meds, and intensive outpatient programs. These all seemed to help for a while, but never had a lasting effect. Dr. Tummala recommended dietary changes, Ayurvedic and natural supplements, lifestyle changes (meditation), and offered counseling to help me work through these changes and other life challenges. These approaches helped me find sustained relief from depression.”

-Anonymous in Milwaukee

“I just wanted to share our recent and wonderful experience with Trinergy Wellness. I am a practicing pediatrician, actively involved in health and well being of kids. I also would want to mention here that I practice evidence based medicine and support immunizations. However right from medical school we have been taught that most health issues are not isolated but have a deep rooted connection with our genetics, lifestyle and food that we consume.

My 12 year old recently started having migraine headaches and some anxiety (mostly covid related). I was not in favor of starting any medications right away. That is when I consulted Dr. Aruna Tummala and Dr. Sunita Pandey at Trinergy. They explained in detail to me that according to Ayurveda our body type is divided broadly into Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The symptoms my child was having was due to Pitta (too much heat in the body) and the importance of cleansing the gut and eliminating inflammation. They advised natural remedies to correct the same. Simple changes in the diet and some supplements were prescribed. I have seen tremendous improvement not just with above symptoms but also overall well being and health of our whole family after we started following their advice. I am proud to say that I have also started advising my patients/parents about treating the body and mind as a whole instead of just trying to fix the problem superficially. I would like to thank Dr. Aruna Tummala and Dr. Sunita Pandey from the bottom of my heart for their expertise and timely advise. Proud of your work and your wholesome approach to health and wellness of your patients. Our best wishes to Trinergy wellness and Spa.”


“I am tremendously grateful for the healing and transformation I experienced under the care of Trinergy Health team. Dr. Tummala and Dr. Sunita offer a dynamic combination of ancient Ayurvedic and modern Integrative medical approaches to access the multiple dimensions of chronic illness that other practitioners fail to address or comprehend. Their expertise is tangible, practical, and offered with a warm, humble companionship. The commitment they ask of their patients yields tried and true results, providing the foundation for sustained healing and transformation.

In just eight months under their care, I have experienced a dramatic reduction of symptoms that has allowed me to reclaim my life. The tools I’ve acquired during our time together has provided me a greater sense of resiliency and trust. I feel empowered to take responsibility for my health and embrace the journey ahead.

I was referred to Trinergy by my cousin who experienced remarkable improvement in his health under their care as well, yet with quite different symptoms than myself. It is such a gift to have this healing oasis in the Milwaukee area to share with our community. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to get to the root of their illness and rediscover their vitality to seek a consultation with the Trinergy Health team.”


“I had been to Psychiatrists before. I had had hypnosis, which did not work. I had been dosed with medication, which worked for a few weeks but always the side effects were not worth the waning “help” that the “medication” gave. I tried many different Anxiety and Antidepressants, all of them failed within a month or so. Much like putting a band aid on a cancer, maybe it “seems” like it will be better but it’s really no help at all; messing up the mind and body in different ways, making one sluggish, dull and disrupting the digestive system. I never had any faith in modern pharmaceuticals, so I avoided medication for decades, but had come to a breaking point, so I had to try something. But then, none of it worked, repeatedly.

Dr. Tummala provided a fresh look at life, not an easy one, but one that promised remedy.

After having been through sessions with Dr. Tummala I have come to realize that I am not only not Bi-Polar, I am not Depressed and I am not Anxious. I have, like so many others, been broken, and suffered through trauma in my childhood being shaped, and reshaped by my reactions to this past trauma.

After a time with Dr. Tummala I have come to hear my own inner voice, the true version of my soul that has finally been allowed to speak and take center stage. My anger issues have diminished, I can choose to be happy for myself and see the world and existence from a larger point of view. I have addressed both sides of myself, the light and the dark, without trying to run or medicate the darkness.

The diet has helped me to be conscious of every moment of my day, to love myself, as I should have from the beginning. It is a whole system of wellness, not just a pill to fix the problem. It requires an open mind to change the way one thinks, and to engage life, in a new fashion.

I can certainly say that I do not in any way feel the need to be medicated, I do not feel “bi-polar” or depressed as I previously been labeled. Instead, I feel human, real and awake.”

- H.

“Dr. Tummala and the Ayurvedic team at Trinergy Health truly transformed my life because of their holistic approach to mental health care, and their natural ability to see the individual beyond the scope of a patient. I had previously received the “diagnosis” of borderline personality disorder, bipolar 2 with anxiety and depressive tendencies. Dr. Tummala immediately communicated with me beyond these diagnostic categories and recommended that I read Robert Whittaker’s book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” to re-set my mind into understanding how big pharma and the Western medical approach to psychology is harming our society. The integrative approach that she practices shifts from treating symptoms with prescriptions, to a holistic model – in my case weekly sessions with Dr. Tummala and an elimination diet with Ayurvedic supplements to balance my doshas. I also received weekly Abhyanga massages, steams and selected to do a 10 day Panchakarma detox. When we begin to see mental health as a field connected to the soul of the individual and the soul as a part of the human experience, we can then make such adjustments to better the outlook of the individual – Dr Tummala taught me this. She re-awoken this innate understanding within me, further verifying everything that my body, mind, soul, spirit and heart believed for so many years, and why I always refused treatment from traditional psych professionals. Going to Dr. Tummala was like returning Home – the Home of the Soul, the knowingness that we are here on this Earth at this precious and precise moment to live our dharma, and when we are not in alignment we cannot do so, thus causing us distress. I am eternally grateful for her and her team’s support on my journey. They are my guides, and I feel so blessed to have found them in this lifetime. Because of their guidance and support, I can now live my dharma in service to humanity.”

- J.L.

“Dear Dr. Tummala,

Exactly a year ago on April 28, 2020, I met with you. Words cannot fully express my gratitude and joy upon meeting you. You truly were an answer to hours of reading, way too many people who were clueless with what was wrong with me.

It is amazing – your dedication, research and overall holistic approach to healing the whole person! I think a book with clients’ stories (almost a before and after of healing) should be published! I have joked, I am a writer, could I embark on this beautiful adventure?

I have realized you have made me realize and try every day to be the best version of myself, thank you again for taking a chance and allowing us to flourish in a holistic way!”

- Anonymous
We were very happy and pleased with the session

Scott T. | Feb 20, 2023
We had been looking for a physician who would work with us on finding a solution to our daughter's health issues. We were delighted to find Dr. Tummala. She listened to us and provided us with a unique solution that utilized the gut-brain axis. We are thankful to have found Dr. Tummala and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Teresa E. | Feb 09, 2023
First visit was a great experience, got a lot of important information and an insight into what the practice is all about. Feel like I am off to a good start.

Dana H. | Oct 10, 2022
Timely, thorough, and caring - THANKS

Mark I. | Sep 17, 2022
Very thorough and compassionate as usual.

Jennifer D. | Jul 31, 2022
Always very focused and attentive.

Jennifer D. | Jul 30, 2022
I am excited to start this new chapter I love doctor tummalas out look

Justin E. | Jul 20, 2022
Dr. Tummala is always very caring and understanding.

Haley T. | May 23, 2022