Mary’s Story: A Holistic Path towards Mental & Physical Wellness

“Trinergy Health was the best investment I ever made.”

In this video testimonial, Mary shares her incredible journey towards health and wellbeing.

When Mary first came to see us, she had been diagnosed with chronic major recurrent depression, anxiety and ADD. She was not feeling well, was 60 pounds overweight, had visible inflammation in her skin and suffered from arthritis that made it difficult for her to walk or stand upright.

Before coming to Trinergy, Mary had been to numerous physicians and was feeling discouraged by the mainstream model of medicine and psychiatry. She was seeing physicians, checking all the boxes, filling prescriptions and using insurance, but nothing was working. In fact, she felt worse than ever.

After seeing an ad for Trinergy, she was intrigued by our holistic, root-cause approach to mental wellness and made an appointment to see me.

“It was the best investment I ever made. I got started on a journey that allowed real growth and I’m so grateful for that. I still get emotional because the gratitude is so huge.”

What did we do? Through the depth of our conversations, I got to know Mary and guided her through various improvements to find health and balance. Our first focus was to clean up her diet, reduce inflammation, remove toxins, detoxify and enhance her nutritional status. Mary learned to live differently, slow down, unplug and put her health needs first. We also used blood work, gene testing and all the knowledge functional medicine has to offer to fine tune everything.

Over the next few years, Mary underwent a remarkable transformation. She lost 60 pounds, and can now walk and stand upright without pain. Her arthritis keeps getting better and better, she is off her medications and no longer experiences scatterbrain or ADD. Now, at 59 years old, Mary is reverse aging!

“I’m looking forward to tap dancing and I’m excited to be on a bike again. It’s a great feeling to see my health constantly improving.”

Our goal in sharing this video is to spread awareness about holistic mental and physical wellness. We all have the power within ourselves to heal and become healthy.

At Trinergy, we offer a path to self-empowerment through self-awareness. Once you accept and love yourself, it’s easy to do the things that are good for you! But it takes work. We are here to guide and help you on your journey.

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“I truly enjoy getting to know my patients. I’m so grateful that you and everyone else that works with me, trusts me with your life story.” – Dr. Aruna Tummala

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