Ciara Long

Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

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Since beginning my journey in massage, I have never felt a greater sense of purpose. The interactions that I have with my clients and the satisfaction that I get from helping them heal both physically and emotionally is incomparable.
Ciara considers herself a free spirit. She enjoys hiking, swimming, writing and everything music. She has 5 beautiful children and a spirit that encourages her to try new things and greet new challenges with a smile.

Ciara always knew she wanted to make a difference in the world, but was just never sure how to make the greatest impact. She knew she had a passion to help others and a drive to succeed. She knew she loved to talk to people and loved to listen.

Her journey took her to the military, where she served six years in the United States Air Force. 18-year-old Ciara thought she could save the world, but that approach ended up being too impersonal. She went on to achieve a degree in Criminal Justice, hoping to gain greater satisfaction by making an impact on a more local level. However, while working in the city can be impactful, Ciara found herself feeling small and helpless. There was so much that needed to be done but too little she could do to help.

In 2014, Ciara found a home in the casino gaming industry. While that did little to help people, it was the first job she had that encouraged her to smile and connect with people. The job itself was often unfulfilling, but the interactions with others helped her to realize that she wanted to find a way to help people on a more personal level.

In 2017, her family was hit with an abundance of tragedy. Ciara was diagnosed with diabetes, and she lost her sister, father and one of her best friends. To top it off, her relationship with the father of her children failed. Grief stricken and rebuilding her whole life from the inside out, Ciara began researching holistic methods of healing. It was at that time she became interested in energy work, the healing powers of crystals and herbs, Ayurveda and massage therapy.

In 2020 Covid happened. The casino closed and ultimately eliminated her position. After the initial feelings of panic and helplessness subsided, Ciara decided to do something for herself. She applied to the Institute of Beauty and Wellness’s Massage Therapy program.

Since beginning her journey in massage, she has never felt a greater sense of purpose. The interactions she has with her clients and the satisfaction she gets from helping them heal both physically and emotionally is incomparable. She is loving her new career.