Margaret’s story: Getting to the Root Cause of Her Bipolar Disorder

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Margaret’s story: Getting to the Root Cause of Her Bipolar Disorder

Here is another patient video testimonial from Trinergy Health!

Margaret consulted Dr. Tummala for her bipolar disorder when she learned her current psychiatrist was retiring. In their first meeting, Dr. Tummala used her integrative medicine skills to arrive at the root cause of her problems – ulcerative colitis and a concussive head injury in March 2018 that had caused Margaret to have daily headaches (for which she was prescribed opiates), and many neurological symptoms – slurred speech, gait imbalance, balance issues, word finding problems, memory issues, etc.

In treatment with Dr. Tummala, Margaret has fully recovered from her post concussional syndrome. Her ulcerative colitis is also in remission. Her mental health is stable and they are working now to optimize her medicine regimen with the goal of finding the most effective regimen with least risk of side effects.

Once again, using her integrative medicine approach, Dr. Tummala was able to help Margaret come off of her opiate medicines (thus significantly reducing long term risks of opiates well known to all of us – dependence, increasing pain experience, falls, cognitive slowing, constipation, etc), heal the inflammation in her gut and enhance her digestion. But most excitingly, she was able to help Margaret recover her cognitive abilities that were affected by her concussion. This has resulted in a significantly enhanced quality of life for Margaret!

Margaret’s recovery is testament to the fact that older age is not a barrier to recovery using integrative medicine approach. Health is for everyone; at every age!

Please watch this video to learn more about Margaret’s journey to health and wellness.

If you or your loved one is struggling with symptoms of mental illness and are interested in an integrative approach that addresses the root cause of a person’s illness; which is about considering the whole person (and not just providing symptom relief), call Trinergy Health at (262) 955 6601 or contact us to schedule an appointment.