Dr. Aruna Tummala – Featured in New Autism Book

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Dr. Aruna Tummala – Featured in New Autism Book

I’ve been featured in a new autism book!

The Lyons Report explains why Functional Medicine is vital in regaining healing for those with autism and includes a list of the top Functional Medicine doctors, by state, who want to work with children and adults with autism (and other developmental disorders —to help them heal by figuring out and repairing the root causes of their symptoms.

To learn more about the book, visit TheLyonsReport.com. There’s a special Autism Bonus Package available until March 13th.

From the Author:

As the parent of a child with autism, you’ve probably heard of Functional Medicine. And if you’ve considered working with a Functional Medicine practitioner, then you likely have questions.

  • Why is Functional Medicine important in helping your child heal?
  • Is it worth the investment, since insurance rarely covers it?
  • How do you know which practitioners specialize in working with children with autism, and whether a particular practitioner is a good fit for your family?

This book can help.

It includes a list of doctors in the US, by state, who work with children with autism and who are passionate about uncovering the root cause of many symptoms that come along with autism.

Compiled by Theresa Lyons, a Yale PhD known as the Professor of Healing Autism — and the mother of a daughter with autism who has made huge strides toward healing—this list includes only doctors who want to work with children with autism. When evaluating any doctor for inclusion on this list, Dr. Lyons asked herself whether she’d take her daughter to see that doctor. If a practitioner made the list, the answer is yes.

Dr. Lyons also explains why it’s so important to have a Functional Medicine practitioner on your child’s healthcare team, and she shares real-life examples of what’s possible when a practitioner is able to uncover and address the root cause of specific symptoms.

If you’ve ever wished your child could start excelling in school, enjoying social activities, sleeping well, and living pain-free, it’s time to explore Functional Medicine.