Candy’s story: Treating her daughter’s depression with integrative psychiatry

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Candy’s story: Treating her daughter’s depression with integrative psychiatry

Just in time for the new year, we would like to share this beautiful story of hope! After all, ’tis the season of hope!

This is the story of a smart, young, 11-year-old girl with depression. She was not responding to traditional treatment with medication, but responded rather quickly to a holistic regimen based on diet, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements and psychotherapy.

Depression is not chemical imbalance to be fixed with medication. Yes, meds can provide symptom relief, but usually at a high cost in terms of side effects and because they do not address the underlying root causes.

Depression is inflammation, it is nutritional deficiencies, it is hormonal imbalance, it is gut imbalance, it is a mismatch between self and society sometimes…ALL of these issues must be addressed if we are to help our young ones suffering with this illness.

We are very happy to share the following video testimonial of this young woman’s story of hope. In working with us over the course of just a few months, she went from self harming to thriving in school and in her personal life; from being depressed to becoming a bright, cheerful, hopeful, and enthusiastic young woman!

Recovery is possible! #foodasmedicine

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