Ayurveda for Migraines

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Ayurveda for Migraines

I’m very happy to share this testimonial from a patient/family of Trinergy Ayurveda. This young teen consulted us for her more than 2 year history of Migraine headaches with ocular symptoms. Along with severe headaches, she would have episodic total blindness in both eyes. These attacks of blindness lasted only a few min in the beginning but over time progressed to last for several hours. She was seen by neurologists and was treated with standard migraine medicines with no benefit. Her disease progressed rapidly and caused severe distress and disability in her everyday functioning.

This child was seen by Vaidya Sunita Pandey 3 months ago. She diagnosed the root problem as inflammatory issues that began in the GI track and have progressed to the brain via the gut brain axis. Vaidya Pandey recommended a simple plan of dietary changes and herbal supplements.

2 weeks into the treatment, I happened to run into her Mom at a public venue. Her Mom joyfully approached me to let me know her daughter was already showing signs of improvement. In 2 weeks, they noticed her fatigue/mood/cognition had significantly improved. Prior doctors had failed to look beyond the headaches and blindness and had not considered all the myriad symptoms of inflammation and fatigue this child had. Previously, her low mood was thought to be a result of her illness experience. But mood changes are also a result of inflammation in the brain.

But now, 3 months into our treatment, this child has not experienced any migraine attacks or the blindness attacks. Previously she would have 1-2 attacks per week, with the longest interval of only 2 weeks between the attacks.

This is what Ayurveda can achieve for any illness. As diagnosis and treatment in Ayurveda is not disease centric, but patient centric and follows the symptoms a patient is experiencing to their origin/root causes.

This child is no longer on any allopathic medicines with their long list of side effects. Nor will she be on the herbals for a long time. Also, the herbals, when prescribed by a qualified Vaidya, will have minimal to zero side effects.

Here is her Mom’s testimonial:

“My daughter was suffering from Ocular Migraine for more than two (2) years. We tried Western Medicine with no success. We heard about Trinergy through our friend and decided to give it a try.

Dr. Sunita Pandey diagnosed the Migraine as a result of inflammatory issues in the digestive track. She suggested some dietary changes alongside with herbal supplements. In three (3) months, we have seen a tremendous improvement in my daughter’s health. Her migraines have stopped.

We appreciate the dedication and sincerity of Dr. Pandey.

Thank you,

Please contact us if you or your loved one is suffering from migraines or any other health (including mental health) condition.

Ayurveda, may be, just what the doctor recommended.