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Unlike conventional psychiatry, Integrative Psychiatry attempts to find the root cause of a person’s problems and work towards achieving overall mental health and balance.

Unfortunately, conventional psychiatry has become a linear, medication-focused model with little to offer the millions of people suffering from mental illness. The conventional psychiatry model does not address the specific nutrient, genetic or even “spirit” requirements of a person, leaving them in a non-recovery limbo state.

Unlike conventional psychiatry, Integrative Psychiatry, uses a collaborative, patient-centered, mind-body-spirit approach that combines the science of modern medicine with the wisdom of ancient and traditional forms of medicine from around the world.

Integrative Psychiatry recognizes not just the mind-body connection, but also the body-mind influence. It attempts to find and address the root cause of a person’s symptoms and work together to achieve overall mental health and balance. Rather than just addressing the symptoms of mental illness, Integrative Psychiatry uses a broad scope of intervention. Diet, nutrition, lifestyle, health of the gut, hormones, state of the immune system, genetics and relationships in life all become important considerations for analysis and intervention.

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At Trinergy Health, Milwaukee’s leading center for Integrative Psychiatry, it is our mission to provide safe, effective, patient-centered, collaborative, systems-oriented, evidence based, integrative treatments for symptoms of mental illness. Rather than just treat the symptoms, Dr. Aruna Tummala strives to find and address the root cause of physiological imbalances and work together to eradicate them.

Unlike the “medication model” of conventional psychiatry, Trinergy Center for Integrative Psychiatry embraces a mind-body-spirit approach to achieving mental wellness. In addition to judicious use of conventional psychiatric medicines, we use a wide arsenal of intervention including, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, nutritional supplements, Ayurvedafunctional medicine, chiropractic care, massage and psychotherapy in order to reduce reliance on psychiatric medicines and help you reclaim health, harmony and vitality.

Our goal is to empower you on your journey towards achieving a life of health, harmony and vitality. No stone will be left unturned on your quest to reclaim your mental health.

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