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Lab Tests for Psychiatric Diseases

Based on her education and training in Functional Medicine, Dr. Aruna recommends many different lab tests to fully evaluate and understand your health problems. Many of her labs are not recommended by other psychiatrists and sometimes even by our patients’ primary care physicians. However, because of such in-depth evaluations, Dr. Aruna routinely uncovers underlying health issues like Hashimoto’s disease, autoimmunity, gut dysbiosis, genetic polymorphisms, etc; which then guides her treatment and contributes to the root cause resolution for our patients.

The lab tests are:

Blood Tests

C-Reactive Protein Cardiac (hs CRP); ESR, CBC (includes Differential and Platelets); Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP); Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1C); Homocysteine; Lipid Panel With Ratios; Lipoprotein (A); T3 Reverse (RT3); T3, Free; T4, Free; Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin Antibodies; TSH; TSI (Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin); Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) and Folate Panel; Serum Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxyvitamin D (D2, D3).

For these tests, we have partnered with Ultalab tests to offer you deeply discounted cash price.

Here is our Blog Article about price gouging with labs and how to be smart about it.

Urine Test and Hair Test

We have partnered with GPL lab tests to evaluate for toxicity, neurotransmitter/microbiome function, mitochondrial function, heavy metals etc. For this, we need to check: Envirotox panel complete ($829.00) and hair heavy metals test ($140). Dr. Aruna has the test kits in her office. If recommended for you, please pick it up from the office.

Genetic Testing

Dr. Aruna recommends Methylation gene analysis to evaluate specifically for methylation gene polymorphisms. As such gene polymorphisms cause a variety of treatable health conditions. If you are comfortable with a commercial entity (like 23 and me or ancestry etc) you can order the test kit (only the ancestry kit will suffice) from their website. 23 and me (and such commercial companies) is known to share your data with pharmacy companies for research purposes. I believe you have a choice to decline consent. But please evaluate this option thoroughly before you decide about it. Once you get the raw data, go to and upload your raw data on the methylation analysis and detox analysis pages. You will get a final pdf with the methylation gene analysis. This is what Dr. Aruna is looking for. You can upload this pdf here to the charm patient portal to be reviewed by Dr. Aruna.
When the results come in, Dr. Aruna will meet with you in an appointment to review the results with you and also to discuss their meaning and to formulate recommendations based on the results. Depending on the volume of the tests and results, a 25 min session or a 50 min session may be needed

Outside medical records and lab results

Sometimes patients come in with medical records and lab tests from outside hospitals or clinics. Please upload these records and lab results as pdf documents into your patient portal. You may bring in the paper copies ahead of time to the clinic, so our clinic staff can scan and upload them into your patient chart. Please note that Dr. Aruna will review such paperwork in an appointment with the patient, so she can go over her interpretation of the records and make recommendations as needed.

Medication refills

When psychiatric medications are indicated for a patient, Dr. Aruna will prescribe them for as long as is needed. She uses an electronic prescription system that is integrated with Charm EHR. Please note that medication needs, including refills, have to be addressed during the appointment time. Due to her busy schedule, Dr. Aruna has very limited time to address refill needs outside of appointments. No refill requests will be entertained during weekends or holidays when the office is closed. In case of repeated refill requests outside of appointments, Dr. Aruna will address the need in the interest of medication continuation but patient will be charged $50 for every such refill request.

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