Dr. Tummala Named a Notable Hero in Health Care

Guess what?! I’ve been named one of the Notable Heroes in Health Care by the BizTimes. Thank you for this tremendous honor. Read more

Schizophrenia (Psychosis) – Novel Solutions to an Old Problem

For this month, I decided to write about Schizophrenia – a complex illness that has baffled many great minds throughout history of medicine and psychiatry.
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mushroom soup recipe

Savory Mushroom Soup Recipe

As the days grow colder, I love to make this mushroom soup. It’s warm, savory and absolutely delicious. It’s great served alone or with rice. Enjoy! Read more

Lead That Thing! Podcast – Resilience with Dr. Tummala

I’ve been featured on a new Lead That Thing! podcast with with Aruna Krishnan!

The topic is all about Resilience and I discuss our approach to helping people overcome mental health issues using more holistic and functional approach resulting in increased vitality and resilience. Read more

Miles’ Testimonial: No More Anxiety

One of my passions is working with young people. It is such a privilege to help teach them how to take care of themselves — mind, body and soul. These are skills they will carry with them throughout their entire lives.

In this video testimonial, 10-year-old Miles shares his experience working with Dr. Tummala to cure his anxiety. Read more

Online School Poses New Challenges – Dr. Tummala Featured on News 3 Now

We are all living through unprecedented historical times, surrounded by stressors: the pandemic, politics, the economy, etc. We are literally engulfed in stress. The only option we have is to accept life as-is. Take that moment (as Viktor Frankl has described) between the event and our reaction; and respond thoughtfully and mindfully. Unfortunately, our children […]

ADHD or Stimulant Addiction?

“Score Trinergy!” 🙌

I just met with a new patient who I am seeing for iatrogenic (meaning doctor or treatment induced) stimulant addiction. IMHO, this patient does not have ADHD but has head trauma related focus/concentration difficulties. But 5 years ago (at age 21) the patient was started on stimulants with a superficial diagnosis of ADHD (despite having no such history in childhood). (This is yet another example of pharma pushing the idea that Adult ADHD is a valid diagnosis and all these adults need to be treated with stimulants. oh, save the poor adults who were not recognized as ADHD patients when they were children!).

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Pesto Pasta Recipe

This pasta dish is vegetarian, healthy and absolutely delicious. Plus it complies with the elimination diet requirements.
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COVID-19: The Functional Medicine Solution for “Long Haulers”

“Long haulers.”

This is a term used to describe people with long lasting post-covid symptoms. These people suffer from many varied symptoms – fatigue being a common one. But it seems to affect many different systems in the body.

What is it and how do we fix it?

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Podcast: The Economics of Depression

In 2019, the U.S. spent over $225 billion on mental health care – a 52% jump in spending from just 10 years earlier. Most of this money is being spent on psychopharmacological interventions. Yet, despite this increase in mental health care spending, things are not looking better for those struggling with mental illness. In fact, […]