COVID-19: The Functional Medicine Solution for “Long Haulers”

“Long haulers.”

This is a term used to describe people with long lasting post-covid symptoms. These people suffer from many varied symptoms – fatigue being a common one. But it seems to affect many different systems in the body.

What is it and how do we fix it?

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Podcast: The Economics of Depression

In 2019, the U.S. spent over $225 billion on mental health care – a 52% jump in spending from just 10 years earlier. Most of this money is being spent on psychopharmacological interventions. Yet, despite this increase in mental health care spending, things are not looking better for those struggling with mental illness. In fact, […]

udwarthan before and after

Udwarthan – Ayurveda’s Secret to Weight Loss

I am so excited to share an ancient practice with you all! It’s called Udwarthan (or udwarthanam). Yet another amazing gift from Ayurveda! Ayurveda is a gift that keeps on giving 😊. Udwarthan is an old (as time!) therapeutic modality designed by ancient seers of Ayurveda to help with weight loss, cellulite removal, etc. all […]

mexican soup

Mexican Soup Recipe

This Mexican soup is vegetarian and delicious. I make it in the Instant Pot, which I love! The best thing about the Instant Pot is its versatility. When the kids were home for summer vacation, I had time to make this dish in the morning and then set the timer for it to cook just in time for their lunch. Read more

Amy’s Testimonial: No More Migraines!

In this video testimonial, Amy shares her remarkable progress and transformation using Trinergy’s unique combination of Integrative Psychiatry, Ayurveda and Functional medicine.

When Amy first came to see us, she was suffering from a 3-decade-long struggle with chronic, debilitating migraines, acid reflux, brain fog and concentration/focus issues, hip pain, neck/shoulder pain, swelling/inflammation, mood instability and depression.

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Video Blog: Mental Health and the Current Pandemic

I created this video as a follow-up to the Morning Blend interview I did a few weeks ago. On the Morning Blend, I only had 5 minutes, and there was SO MUCH more about I wanted to touch on. This includes how the current pandemic can is affecting our mental health, how coronavirus and inflammation can cause certain psychiatric symptoms, and what we can do about it.

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What’s Cooking in my Kitchen?

What’s cooking in my kitchen??? 😋🥑

What do you do with avocados when you are tired of eating guacamole?

How about pasta sauce? Yummy! It’s a sure sign of success when your kids ask for seconds!

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Holistic Approach to Mental Health – Morning Blend Video

Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses are common and can be difficult to manage. Most who seek treatment are offered medication but find the prescription and its side effects an issue itself.

In this video, Dr. Aruna Tummala of Trinergy Health joins the Morning Blend to discuss her unique holistic approach to achieving overall mental health using a whole-person approach. Read more

community garden

Video Blog – Our “Labor of Love”

I’m coming to you live from our community garden here at Trinergy Health. This vegetable and herb garden is our “labor of love” and is rooted in our philosophy that food is medicine.

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Video Blog – Why We Need Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Why do we need integrative medicine for mental health?

To answer that question, we need to first address the problems associated with the “medication model” of conventional psychiatry.

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