Angie’s Story – A Full Recovery from Addiction to Opiates & Heroin Using a Root Cause Approach!

I’d like to introduce Angie, our new receptionist at Trinergy Health who has quickly become an integral member of our growing team.

Angie’s life story is very inspiring. In this video, she shares her journey with opiate addiction that ultimately led to prison time and finally recovery. It began with an over-prescription of opiates for chronic pain, coupled with a history of depression and anxiety. When the doctors eventually cut her off, Angie was left with an addiction that spiraled out of control. It was then she turned to heroin and later spent time in prison.

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Another Article about Toxins and Fertility – from Erin Brokovich

Yet another article about toxins and human fertility…this time from none other than Erin Brokovich.

Her article, Plummeting Sperm Counts, Shrinking Penises: Toxic Chemicals Threaten Humanity, sheds light on the hormone-disrupting chemicals that are decimating fertility at an alarming rate around the globe.

I know that PFAS (“forever chemicals”) are like an abusive boyfriend saying, “I will never leave you.” But, like the abusive boyfriend, PFAS (and other toxins) are literally destroying you from the inside out. This is not hyperbole, this is just facts and science.

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new testimonial

New Testimonial: I Knew We Could Cure Here Using Ayurveda & Functional Medicine

After 7 psychiatrists, 2 hospitalizations and countless medication trials, all this young lady experienced was hopelessness. She was told she had Schizophrenia (which would never get better), and that she would have to be on meds her entire life (that caused her to gain 60 pounds and barely function as a mother and wife).

In an act of pure courage, defiance, and a crazy hope that there was a better way for her to regain her health; she stopped her meds, lost weight and set out to search for a “different” psychiatrist…it was then that she found me!

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father and son looking at pollution

The POP Culture – It’s Time to Ditch it Already!

No, I am not talking about music. Not even the K-pop my teenager’s been listening to, although I do not understand its appeal 😊.

This title refers to Persistent Organic Pollutants, or POP’s, and all the other man-made (yes, us women – we are not taking the blame for this!) chemicals that are prevalent in our environment today. They are present everywhere – in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, etc.

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Aruna and Trisha

Introducing Trisha’s Cooking Blog!

This pic was taken on the day of my engagement, back in January 2003. The little mischievous imp sitting next to me in this picture is my niece by marriage, Trisha. As soon as we were introduced that day, we fell in love with each other. 💖

Barely 3 years old, she made her affection for me evident right from the beginning! How could I resist such a sweet bundle of joy and mischief! Over the years, I have watched her blossom into a thoughtful, kind, very creative, compassionate young woman – in short – an amazing young lady!

Now, in college, she is also an accomplished Chef – and she learned it all by trial and error at home. When she began to experience some minor health issues (acne, anyone?); she turned to me, her Aunt, for advice and has since embraced a functional medicine approach in her lifestyle.

And she has taken it much farther than I can do or even imagine.

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You can recover from Bipolar

Bipolar Disorder – Recovery is Possible!

Bipolar disorder. The scary “boogeyman” of psychiatric illnesses along with schizophrenia and autism.

Boogeyman, because, these diagnoses are made using a superficial symptomatic approach, without proper understanding of the underlying root causes.

In mainstream psychiatry, all that is offered as treatment is psycho-pharmaceuticals – a slew of them – from mood stabilizers to anti-psychotics to antidepressants to benzos and even to stimulants. With the characteristic results of increased episodes, more illness and more disability.

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Bridal Radiance with Trinergy Ayurveda

Look your loveliest, most radiant self on your BIG day!

You are getting married in 2021 or beyond?! Yay! Our congratulations and warm wishes to you and your soulmate.

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Aruna Tummala

I am a Psychiatrist who Doesn’t Take Insurance

I am a psychiatrist who only takes cash only payments. This article by a fellow physician really resonated with me.

I fully agree with his reasons and would like to add an additional reason for why I do not take insurance:

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healing the thyroid

Healing the Thyroid – The Trinergy Way!

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an unrecognized, under-diagnosed and untreated root cause of many psychiatric presentations – from psychosis, to anxiety, to depression, to behavioral problems in developmentally disabled adults and children.
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Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

Integrative and Holistic Approaches to Mental Wellness

I was recently invited to present on the topic of Integrative Mental Health for WPPNT (WI Public Psychiatry Network Teleconference – a division of the Department of Health Services).

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