What’s Cooking in my Kitchen?

What’s cooking in my kitchen??? 😋🥑

What do you do with avocados when you are tired of eating guacamole?

How about pasta sauce? Yummy! It’s a sure sign of success when your kids ask for seconds!

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Holistic Approach to Mental Health – Morning Blend Video

Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses are common and can be difficult to manage. Most who seek treatment are offered medication but find the prescription and its side effects an issue itself.

In this video, Dr. Aruna Tummala of Trinergy Health joins the Morning Blend to discuss her unique holistic approach to achieving overall mental health using a whole-person approach. Read more

community garden

Video Blog – Our “Labor of Love”

I’m coming to you live from our community garden here at Trinergy Health. This vegetable and herb garden is our “labor of love” and is rooted in our philosophy that food is medicine.

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Video Blog – Why We Need Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Why do we need integrative medicine for mental health?

To answer that question, we need to first address the problems associated with the “medication model” of conventional psychiatry.

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Tri’bytes – Dr T’s Top 5 Pearls of “Food Wisdom”

Tri’bytes – Dr. T’s Top 5 Pearls of “Food Wisdom” Whenever I speak about holistic medicine or “food as medicine,” I get this question often: “Dr T, what is the one big pearl of wisdom with regard to food that you would give us?” So, here’s my response. And not just the one “pearl of […]

Client Testimonial: Complete Recovery using Integrative Psychiatry

Question: How does one go from severe anxiety, decades long history of severe IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and psychiatric med side effects (weight gain, lethargy, lack of symptom relief, feeling like losing oneself) to a calm, balanced, grounded mind that is joyful and grateful with a healthy body/physiology – complete recovery from IBS; and to come off of all psychiatric meds and even a BP med???

Answer: All it takes is the following: diet/lifestyle change, Ayurvedic herbals, Alpha-stim device, meditation, exercise, and psycho-therapy. And, commitment to these changes.

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The “Pandemic” No One is Preparing for…(Except for Us at Trinergy Health)…

The “Pandemic” No One is Preparing for… (Except for Us at Trinergy Health)… We are all collectively coping with a crisis that is unprecedented in our lifetimes! Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in more than one aspect of our modern lives. Physical health, livelihoods, economy, mental health, etc. are all impacted from this virus. As we […]

Video Blog – Dr. Tummala on Supporting Your Immune System

In this video I discuss how to support the immune system, which is so important at this time. Simple steps can create big improvements in your health overall.

The focus is all about caring for ourselves – mind, body and soul. So good food, exercise or movement, adequate sleep, stress reduction, love and connection…this is the recipe for health and happiness!

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Video Blog – Dr. Tummala’s Thoughts on the Current Situation

This is truly an interesting time we are living through. There’s no doubt coronavirus is a serious viral infection that is more contagious and causes pneumonia at a higher rate than influenza.

However, in the United States we are seeing the our population become more sicker than other nations – even our younger population. I believe this is because we are more sicker to begin with.

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Staying Healthy in the Age of the Corona

By now, everyone in the world has heard of Covid-19, the new virus that is wreaking havoc across the globe. It’s been a few months since this virus came to light and we have some credible information about it. With this information, we can now consider solutions that can be effective in reducing our individual risk of the disease and of squashing this pandemic.

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