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Introducing Trisha’s Cooking Blog!

This pic was taken on the day of my engagement, back in January 2003. The little mischievous imp sitting next to me in this picture is my niece by marriage, Trisha. As soon as we were introduced that day, we fell in love with each other. 💖 Barely 3 years old, she made her affection […]

Bipolar Disorder – Recovery is Possible!

Bipolar disorder. The scary “boogeyman” of psychiatric illnesses along with schizophrenia and autism. Boogeyman, because, these diagnoses are made using a superficial symptomatic approach, without proper understanding of the underlying root causes. In mainstream psychiatry, all that is offered as treatment is psycho-pharmaceuticals – a slew of them – from mood stabilizers to anti-psychotics to […]

Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

Integrative and Holistic Approaches to Mental Wellness I was recently invited to present on the topic of Integrative Mental Health for WPPNT (WI Public Psychiatry Network Teleconference – a division of the Department of Health Services).

Holiday Weight Gain Reversed!

Have you gained a lot of weight after the holidays? We have a solution! Lose weight and restore your natural state of health. Happy New Year! So, the holidays are officially over… The Christmas tree and decorations are all in their boxes – maybe some lights are still outside – a good idea to cheer […]