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2019 – A Year In Review

Merry Christmas!!! This time of the year is so special for all of us at Trinergy. It is a time of reflection and gratitude for all the blessings! We feel immense gratitude to all our patrons – men, women and children who have all trusted us with their health…despite the skepticism that surrounds all things […]

Now Offering: Royal Aura Shampoo Bars

We have some exciting news! We are now offering local, all-natural, handmade shampoo bars and beauty products from Royal Aura. Located in Menomonee Falls, Royal Aura is passionate about making beauty products that are skin-loving, high quality and chemical-free. Their mission is to inspire the body and soul and help discover your beautiful self.

Margaret’s story: Getting to the Root Cause of Her Bipolar Disorder

Here is another patient video testimonial from Trinergy Health! Margaret consulted Dr. Tummala for her bipolar disorder when she learned her current psychiatrist was retiring. In their first meeting, Dr. Tummala used her integrative medicine skills to arrive at the root cause of her problems – ulcerative colitis and a concussive head injury in March […]

Ayurveda for Migraines

I’m very happy to share this testimonial from a patient/family of Trinergy Ayurveda. This young teen consulted us for her more than 2 year history of Migraine headaches with ocular symptoms. Along with severe headaches, she would have episodic total blindness in both eyes. These attacks of blindness lasted only a few min in the […]

Care for Your Crowning Glory – The Ayurvedic Way!

Shiny, lustrous, thick, long hair has always been considered a sign of health and beauty; in fact, hair is our crowning glory! So, it is particularly distressing when one experiences problems with the most prominent aspect of our beauty and health: our hair! These problems can be in the form of premature greying, hair loss […]

Autism – A Holistic Approach

Autism is a neuro-psychiatric disorder affecting children that is typically chronic and lifelong. Currently, DSM-V (Diagnostic manual for psychiatric disorders) has grouped all autism subtypes into one unified diagnosis – ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). ASD is further divided based on severity into 3 subtypes – Level 1 to 3, with Level 3 being the most […]