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Holiday Weight Gain Reversed!

Have you gained a lot of weight after the holidays? We have a solution! Lose weight and restore your natural state of health. Happy New Year! So, the holidays are officially over… The Christmas tree and decorations are all in their boxes – maybe some lights are still outside – a good idea to cheer […]

Miles’ Testimonial: No More Anxiety

One of my passions is working with young people. It is such a privilege to help teach them how to take care of themselves — mind, body and soul. These are skills they will carry with them throughout their entire lives. In this video testimonial, 10-year-old Miles shares his experience working with Dr. Tummala to […]

Online School Poses New Challenges – Dr. Tummala Featured on News 3 Now

We are all living through unprecedented historical times, surrounded by stressors: the pandemic, politics, the economy, etc. We are literally engulfed in stress. The only option we have is to accept life as-is. Take that moment (as Viktor Frankl has described) between the event and our reaction; and respond thoughtfully and mindfully. Unfortunately, our children […]

ADHD or Stimulant Addiction?

“Score Trinergy!” 🙌 I just met with a new patient who I am seeing for iatrogenic (meaning doctor or treatment induced) stimulant addiction. IMHO, this patient does not have ADHD but has head trauma related focus/concentration difficulties. But 5 years ago (at age 21) the patient was started on stimulants with a superficial diagnosis of […]