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Ayurveda for Migraines

I’m very happy to share this testimonial from a patient/family of Trinergy Ayurveda. This young teen consulted us for her more than 2 year history of Migraine headaches with ocular symptoms. Along with severe headaches, she would have episodic total blindness in both eyes. These attacks of blindness lasted only a few min in the […]

Care for Your Crowning Glory – The Ayurvedic Way!

Shiny, lustrous, thick, long hair has always been considered a sign of health and beauty; in fact, hair is our crowning glory! So, it is particularly distressing when one experiences problems with the most prominent aspect of our beauty and health: our hair! These problems can be in the form of premature greying, hair loss […]

Autism – A Holistic Approach

Autism is a neuro-psychiatric disorder affecting children that is typically chronic and lifelong. Currently, DSM-V (Diagnostic manual for psychiatric disorders) has grouped all autism subtypes into one unified diagnosis – ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). ASD is further divided based on severity into 3 subtypes – Level 1 to 3, with Level 3 being the most […]

Abhyanga: The Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

I was out of town recently and was excited to see Ayurvedic massage, or Abhyanga, offered at the hotel I was staying at. Unfortunately, the experience was very disappointing. The Abhyanga massage and the Shirodhara I chose, was nowhere close to the original technique and the intended benefits of an authentic service. It was sad […]

Ayurveda – Need of the Hour?

In early 2018, I received a call from a mother whose daughter had “Misophonia.” Frankly, it is a relatively new “disease.” Misophonia is a condition wherein certain common sounds (breathing, chewing, etc) can trigger intense, exaggerated emotional reaction in people with this condition; resulting in secondary anxiety, depression and disability in many areas of life. […]

Food as Medicine

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates – Greek physician and philosopher, widely regarded as the father of modern medicine, said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We have also heard the very common phrase, “you are what you eat.” This article will delve into the meaning and the urgent need to […]

The Elephant In the Room

There are only a few emergency situations in the practice of psychiatry. However, these emergencies can be devastating not just to the patient, their family, and society, but everyone involved, including the care providers. And suicide is the most feared of them all. Suicide is a hard topic to raise and discuss. Not only in […]

Schizophrenia – Is Recovery Possible?

Good morning! My day started with a bit of disappointment today – kids school closed due to the winter storm and today was Mother’s Visitation day! :(. But, as I was browsing my website, I came across some reviews of my work. This one immediately warmed my heart. Not just because of what it says […]

Top Benefits of a Direct Care Model

No surprise here but I am a big proponent of Direct Care (DC) models. Trinergy Center For Integrative Psychiatry is also a direct care practice. Today in the US, health care costs are staggeringly high, especially compared to other developed countries, but our population is becoming sicker than ever. The current health care model (which is mainly […]

Paradigm Shift in Psychiatry

It has been said that the brain and mind are the last frontier to conquer. The field of modern psychiatry has undergone so many changes within the last century that it has left some practitioners and clients confused and bewildered. Depression syndrome exemplifies the changes and trends in thinking within the field of mental health.